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  1. Everyone might tell I'm doing some shopping! 🙂 In the near future I'll be moving a Red Sea 70 gallon E260 all in one to a different room in my home and adding a sump upon setting it back up again. Many of you have been just fantastic with some quick opinions for me, it is very appreciated with all the sales on right now. I'm thinking the two current main tank pumps in the built in rear sump are not going to work (or be the best) for the sump as I'm pretty sure I'll be needing to use very different piping size (and I think I leave those in place anyway). What are your opinions of good s
  2. This has all been very helpful information. Would any of you view the Kamoer F4 PRO Wifi 4 Channel doser as an acceptable alternative to the Neptune DOS dosers given the noise they make?
  3. Well, obviously, nobody knows! But I thought it would be nice if somebody said something.
  4. Hi, I am hoping to hear from some long time Apex/Trident users. How has your Trident performed for you and how has the longevity of the unit worked out for you? Also, I have read some pretty darn harsh reviews from a number of unhappy Apex doser pump users. How has your experience been, how long have you been using them, would you purchase them again?
  5. I cannot say it is from experience as I have never had a filter sock setup, I have just used filter pads. However, I have played with putting socks into and out of a sump and so far I am not impressed.
  6. I am interested, but I need a bit more info. I would need accurate measurements vs "rough" a photo of the entire sump so I can orient myself as to what is where a bit better generally where you are located? cracks or chips?
  7. I am in Tualatin on city water. Sounds like adding a meter prior to all filters and one in-between the membrane and DI (already have one after DI) might be a good idea.
  8. Thank you for the input gents! Seems a refugium is preferred. I am trying to learn in between failing all the time.
  9. In your journeys through different equipment setups, what do you think the value of algae scubbers are to own? Love em? Hate em? Meh? Must have? Don't waste your money?
  10. Hi, In your RO/DI unit do you typically replace all three canister DI/Carbon/Prefilter when ever the DI gets tired or do you do something different such as replace the Carbon/Prefilter every other change of DI?
  11. Before you consider Red Sea AIO ..... I own one and posted this... you might want to consider only the Red Sea not AIO tanks.
  12. Thank you for the very good photo of the Red Sea sump. I have a E260 with integrated rear sump and due to an upcoming tank move have been considering adding a in-stand sump. The more I look at the Red Sea sump.. the less I want one of those. The placement of the ATO tank over the filter socks, with socks sliding into the skimmer area for maintenance, is looking more and more like a poor setup. However, the setup in your photo is very impressive and perhaps you have used the filter sock area for rubble? Sure have squeezed a tremendous amount of very well laid out equipment in there!
  13. What is the significance of white versus blue PVC?
  14. I have a Redsea Max E series, and some things I have learned have me disappointed with Redsea.
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