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  1. I don’t think so. I did a dip and he’s already doing much better
  2. I did one and I saw the white thing fall off. Hopefully he will pull through
  3. So my Nemo out of nowhere started to get a white piece of what looks like bacteria or something on his eye? Should I be worried? How should I act? Put pictures of other side to show differences
  4. Hello, I am looking for a replacement of my maxspect 300 series controller. Let me know please I literally cannot find a used one!
  5. Anyway I can buy the refugium light?
  6. Hello, I am looking specifically for a kessil h80 so I can have the exact same setup in my Red Sea tank as my smaller tank. Thanks let me know if you guys have one on the cheaper end!
  7. Third in line. I got a 50 gal and am in the process of setting up 100 gal
  8. Hey man I got nothing else to do.
  9. Pictures won’t load for me. Pm me?
  10. I’m in Hillsboro but if it means I can finally get some automated dosing and better tech in my tank then per smart stuff I’m all for it.
  11. Hello can I have some of the donations😆 I’d like to have the extra gear and put it to use.
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