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  1. I stocked it with super easy softies. It’s a bunch of gsp, mushrooms, and zoas. I have a few little hermit crabs in there too. I really want to do a goby and pistol shrimp, but we’ll see how the top turns out. I need to keep the glass far enough off the water surface that I dint get condensation on it.
  2. All that is left is to finish the top, set up the ato, and put the door on.
  3. Not a huge update, but it’s almost ready to go. I found some tiny gate valves that allowed me to fine tune the flow. It runs silently now. I added some sand in the display, and live rock in the sump. Jeff has been nice enough to let me have the corals growing in on rocks at the shop, so I sold be able to bring those home this weekend. Now I just need to build the ato, finish the top, and paint the door.
  4. Probably something like this... That is my exact tank.
  5. I have a top piece that I need to paint and put on. I was thinking about putting glass over it, but I think it’ll get condensation.
  6. I didn’t take any good pictures when I was first getting started, but here it is up and running. I still have some tinkering, and finishing touches to do. I’m really happy with it so far though. The plan was to build it to sell, but I don’t know now. I might have to hold on to it.
  7. This is my latest project. I’ve had the idea in my head for years, but just finally started actually building it. The display part is made from a black plastic planter, and the sump is a cheap 5 gallon tank. Since the footprint is so small, I didn’t want to drill multiple holes for the plumbing. I used a 1.5” pvc for a stand pipe, then drilled holes big enough to glue 2, 1/2” cpvc elbows inside. This way, I have a full siphon drain, and the return, hidden in one pipe. Plus, the top of the stand pipe works as the emergency backup drain. The stand is an old file cabinet that I mod
  8. Well, I’m trying to build some custom plumbing for my tiny tank projects. I need something that will fit inside of 3/4” pvc. I want to be able to run a full siphon drain, and a backup drain, through one bulkhead. Flexible seems easier than cutting and piecing hard pvc back together.
  9. That’s good enough for me. Any suggestions for some 1/2” flexible tubing that can be glued to pvc fittings?
  10. Any particular reason? It’ll be for a drain line.
  11. Does anybody have any experience with this stuff? Any reason it wouldn’t be safe to use in a little reef tank?
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