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  1. Anyone know where to by CP online? I used to order it off eBay in bulk specifically to medicate external parasites in fish. I’ve used all mine up and like to keep it on hand but can’t find it anymore.
  2. Awesome! Thanks I’ll give you a text in the morning. My names kyle (541)760-2594
  3. Hi gang. I seem to remember a mobile mechanic hanging out on the forum and can’t remember who it was. Three out of my four cars could use some work. If anyone remember who it is I’m all ears.
  4. What a sad day for the aquarium world and beyond. I grew up reading everything he wrote, from articles in FAMA to WetWebMedia.com and his incredible bible “The Conscientious Aquarist”. Even had the pleasure of meeting him a time or two. We lost a great one, He Will be missed.
  5. Hi everyone the aquarium sold and it even had a warm fuzzy story to go with it. When my grandma died 15 years ago part of her will had money set aside for my parents to do something fun with. They chose to build the aquarium of their dreams. It was an amazing tank. the guy who ended up buying the tank was super excited as his dad had just died and Reef Tanks were always their joint hobby. He was really excited to finally be able to get back into something that was special to his family. what a nice story. i think I got back to everyone who texted or messaged me but if I didn’t I apol
  6. hi everyone, I am posting this for my parents as they are moving and need to sell their tank. This is priced to sell at $300. Could possibly be interested in trade for corals. Aquarium is located outside of Corvallis. Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll will answer them fastest by call or text (541)760-2594. https://corvallis.craigslist.org/for/d/corvallis-225-gallon-aquarium-custom/7118125815.html Thanks, Kyle
  7. As someone who has worked in the industry for close to 20 years, I have found that if I can’t easily reach into a tank without needing to get on a ladder or stoop way over, I won’t end up doing proper maintenance and the tanks usually end up suffering. Frag tanks by nature need a lot of tinkering, frags get knocked over, and need to be moved, eggcrate needs to be cleaned cause it grows algae so well, etc. my opinion would be find a way to get the frag tank at a more manageable height. Aside from potential maintenance issues it’s a fun idea.
  8. I have a 220 (72x24x29) with custom built oak stand and hood. Available cheap. Pm me for my phone number and I can shoot some pictures over. Selling it for my parents who are moving. Tank is drained and ready to go
  9. I had about 80 gallons of QT in the garage for a few years and tore it down as it caused rust on pneumatic tools and a chainsaw that were about 10 feet away.
  10. Good luck Bryan, I hope you get the all clear on your eye.
  11. Have you checked out Aquatopia of Bend? Brad is a great guy and he may have what you are looking for.
  12. Just for clarification/safety, When the doctor said “zoas” aren’t going to kill you does this include Paly/protopalythoa, or did she elaborate?
  13. Another good way to catch difficult fish is to drain the tank and fill it back up. Super easy in small tanks but I've even done this in 200+ gallon tanks. Just have a big reservoir to hold the water and pump the water out and then pump it back in.
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