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  1. I've had this yellow tang for about three years and interested in trading as its a little too aggressive with a copperband I have. The YT has been fine with large maroon clowns, small fish, dwarf angels, gramma, etc. Open to trade for fish or corals or live rock . Would consider Anthias, mandarin goby, midas blenny, hawkfish, zoas. Open to various options. Don't need any xenia, kenya tree, star polyp. Already have a foxface and clowns so not interested in those. YT is a very healthy fat fish and prefer it go to someone with at least 100 gallons and who's not brand new to the hobby. Will take
  2. Tile will be fine. A transition will look weird if you want to sell later. Just run your floor joists @ min 16" oc or even 12" and perp to tank if not a slab on grade.
  3. On the subject of aiptasia. Outside of their rapid proliferation and appearance, what harm do they do? My bta's have expanded and moved over time and the aiptasia have retreated out of the way, my soft corals xenia and kenya tree grow right in the midst of them, and my star polyps just grow right over them. They don't seem to be effecting my frogspawn or hammer. I've not yet had a coral/fish suffer from aiptasia stings and I have a bunch of them. I have used peppermint shrimp in the past which do an ok job but don't seem to live long in my system. I'm considering a separate setup with a file
  4. Thanks Hayes! Nice to meet you Saturday and what a great selection of very reasonable priced corals.
  5. They look even better under the blue evening light but photos don't come out as well. If I had only two things in my reef tank it would be clown and BTA. Just love watching the clown go in and out between the several anemones. Yeah I might do a thread on the 280.
  6. Hello. I'm Jason. Have been in the hobby off and on for 20 years. Current setup is 55 gallon with some soft corals, several RBTA's, a huge 4 year old petco maroon clown, a Royal Gramma (several years old) and a small yellow tang that's maybe a year old. About to upgrade to a 280 gallon pond liner indoor lagoon which everything will go in to. Also, have a new powder brown tang and small maroon in QT which will join the rest in the 280.
  7. Where are you located? I'd be interested in the cleaner shrimp and ricordia if you still have them and they aren't too far away.
  8. For any coral you have if you are not too far away except green zoas or anemones. These are taking over my tank and need to be thinned.
  9. What else do you have? I'm in Washougal also and might be interested in corals or other fish depending.
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