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  1. Thanks for the update. OP left me hanging.
  2. interested in the whole system (is light included?) if you can rehome only the clowns and angel. Maybe dakota above? Already have clowns and angels.
  3. no idea what kind. Same as you got from me before
  4. Well I wouldn't say I'm an enthusiast! I was given a tiny clump years ago and just hate to throw it away. Figured some noobs would take it. Funny Petco has this for sale for almost $30 for a small clump!
  5. Crickets...No one? Guess it will go into the trash soon.
  6. It's out of control and I have lots to get rid of. Will trade for aiptasia covered rubble, or any small coral frag you have that's not green star polyp or kenya tree. If your just starting and have nothing to trade and want some free clumps then I'm happy to give you some provided you pick up in Camas. These are mostly glass scrapes so not attached to plugs.
  7. Foxface has been sold. Yellow tang still available.
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