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May Meeting at Lexinverts' House in Corvallis, Aquabiomics Talk, Frags--Don't Miss It! (May 19 1-4 PM)

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Hi All,

We have a really fun meeting coming up. We'll be having the May meeting at my house in Corvallis. Send me a PM for my address and to RSVP. It's about a 1 hr drive south from Cuttlefish and Corals to my house.

The meeting will be from 1-4 and Eli of Aquabiomics will be presenting on the aquarium microbiome at 230. We'll have food, drinks, and raffles!

Follow this thread, as I will be posting more information about the raffles and the talk as we get closer to the meeting date. One of the raffles will be for corals from my tanks (see below).




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  • Lexinverts changed the title to May Meeting at Lexinverts' House in Corvallis, Aquabiomics Talk, Frags--Don't Miss It! (May 19 1-4 PM)

Eli will be offering a 30% off code for Aquabiomics products for those PNWMAS members who make the drive to the May 19th meeting in Corvallis.

As a reminder, Eli will be presenting on the Aquabiomics products and services around 230 pm. Eli was just one of the presenters and Reefstock Denver and you won't want to miss his talk!

Check back to this thread for more details on the raffles, but there will be a raffle for coral frags from my display tank. See the below video for my display as featured on the Reefbum livestream this month.



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I’m sorry I’m going to miss this but I can’t say enough about the research Eli does and the quality of his products.  
I’m in the medical field so I am well aware of the importance of beneficial bacteria and having an abundance of them is the key to mental and physical health. 

It is also the key to a healthy tank. I highly recommend his reef rubble and sand to seed a new tank.  Sure you could get sand and live rock from a friend but then you risk introducing harmful pests. Eli screens his products so they are pest free.  

I used to use Dr. Tim’s but it did have the same effect of building up the good bacteria.  

Cyano , dinoflagellates and pest algae’s are  often a sign that you do not have enough good healthy bacteria in your system.  Using Chemi clean is like using an antibiotic . Sure you will kill off the harmful bacteria but you also kill off the good bacteria. I had an issue with cyano with my new tank and added the rock rubble and within a week the problem was gone. 

Eli is a humble guy with a big brain. His talk is excellent and highly informative.  My only complaint is that Rock Rubble sells out quickly . It’s actually out of stock now. IMG_4361.jpegIMG_4362.jpeg

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Hi All,

I've been really busy the past two weeks, and haven't been updating this meeting thread, but I will be doing so regularly this week.

Here are some of my corals that will be in the raffle:

Ska Jackpot Tenuis (Acropora), Sexy Corals Orange Passion Tenuis (Acropora), JF Homewrecker Tenuis (Acropora), Bali Green Slimer (Acropora), ACI Aquaculture Lite Brite (Acropora), Reefers Cove Poison Envy (Acropora), Oregon Tort (Acropora), Battle Corals Shag Priority (Acropora), AquaSD Rainbow Phoenix (Montipora), Lexinverts' Red Wine Goniopora, Reefgen Justin's Green Goniopora, Lexinverts' Monster Green Goniopora, Tyree Green Leather (Soft coral) and more!

I will also be selling frags from my tanks for $20, $40, or $60.

Remember that to get my address for the meeting, you need to post in this thread. So far, I have below members coming. I will will send this list a PM with my address this week. Reply below to get added to the list. Thanks!


















@reefer madness


@EMeyer @Tiny Reef

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Posted (edited)

Wow, those are some hiiigh dollar cuts! Put me down for a rainbow phoenix (for starters). The color variability of photos across the web makes it hard to tell what the acro’s really look like, but I’m guessing I’m in for a coupla those. Do you have a layaway plan?

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2 hours ago, Lexinverts said:


I just cut a whole bunch of Goniopora.

There will be lots of aquacultured goni frags for those who want to try them!

I so badly want to go. Not sure if I can swing it with the family. 

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