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  1. Whoever gets this, I would love a frag at some point, or would buy it
  2. Thank you so much Chris and Javi! Hoping I got your names spelled right... always stoked to meet more plant and music people too!
  3. Photos of stuff… sorry my tanks are overgrown and these are shoddy ipad pics. I have too much orange ricordea, sinularia is shown both under T5HO and LED in 2 different tanks. All the anemones are splits of eachother but they look better under LED, more compact and bubbling. The acros will be better under LED in the new tank I think, there is a purple tip tabling one and a mostly brown one that can be very colorful. All duncans are from the same colony, lately the ones under LED are paler and shorter tentacles, not sure why. The green mushrooms are sunsets grown in deep shade, sometimes people love them and other years they are “common”. I think the frogspawn is probably what is most desirable. It is more orange with T5 and has a green tint around the mouth under LED, it wins either way. That last photo shows a purple hue on the frogspawn, that is an artifact of photography, sadly. Otherwise it looks right.
  4. We have to do it at 1 so my friend with the moving equipment can be somewhere at 2, thanks!
  5. Hi Bought a 125 like a year ago I think and finally got the stand refinished and my covid shots so it's time to move it into the basement from my garage. Is anyone available Monday Memorial Day at 1pm? I am near Foster and 205. It's the 6 foot version of the 125, and have some gear to move it with (stair climbing dolly, straps). I think I need 2 additional people. Letting the dolly owner advise, he's an engineer . But he hurt his back moving amps a few weeks ago so is strictly on spotting duty. Anyone available? I can frag off a big chunk of Duncan, a purple acro (not named), neon sinularia, RBTA, peach tip frogspawn, sunset mushrooms, not sure what people like these days, kinda out of the loop on things. Anyways, just thought I would try here before I try to rope in friends and family, who maybe think this hobby is already a bit ridiculous without dragging 6 foot tanks into basements. Thanks, Kate
  6. Can you tell me the outside dimensions of the sump? Also would like to know how wide the chambers are at either end to see if my skimmer would fit. thanks, Kate
  7. The seller found some guys so am good, thanks though!
  8. Hey, are there any guys I can hire to move a tank, stand and hood from Cornelius to SE Portland? Thought this would be easier... paying cash. Have access to appliance lifting straps.
  9. What days are you up this way? I am in SE Portland, could meet you in Tualatin
  10. Will they eat frozen asterinas? I could start freezing them and I know someone with a lot of them I can ask too, though usually I only see about a dozen as I tend to remove them. I think they ate a bunch of my coral so I got kinda harsh on them.
  11. I was just looking for a sump that size! Do you still have it?
  12. Hey Matteo, thanks! I am hopefully going to get this. Waiting til after the 100 degree days and I got sick. Tested negative for COVID, so it’s regular old sick, which I am not going to share 🙂 Kate
  13. I am interested but need to find guys who move tanks, am on a weight lifting restriction. Sending pm.
  14. I've been out of the loop for a while, and am now working at a high school similar to Pioneer in population and needs. We have a safe space for this tank if it is not in use, or if another system built similarly is available. Needs would be similar to those at Pioneer-a sturdy lockable stand and hood, acrylic tank. I can supply corals and care for the system. I have not formally gotten approval for it yet, am just seeing what the possibilities are at this point. Could someone get back to me at my school email address and let me know what I need to do to get my proposal off the ground formally and if this is possible? Thanks, Kate Breimayer kbreimay@mesd.k12.or.us
  15. I had those about 4 or 5 years ago I think, and decided they were most likely Waminoa sp. Tried melanurus and yellow coris wrasses, no dice. I think you are right about them eating copepods. Unfortunately they were immune to flatworm exit and another brand of similar product. I finally treated the tank with something that killed them but it killed all my pods, brittlestars and other worms too and it took years to get those back, I still only have a few. I think dipping new corals is a good idea for them. Anyone successfully treat them with a product that is not so harmful? Here is a link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convolutidae Kate
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