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Hello from Clackamas


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Good afternoon everyone,

I am new to the hobby and have been searching for a place to learn/connect. This seems to be just that place, and after lurking for a while I  decided to join in on the fun. I'm originally from the Space Coast of FL and have  lived in the Portland Metro area for a few years now.

I recently cycled a 32 gal Biocube and will keep it lightly stocked as I continue to learn. The plan is 2 fish, a few inverts, and the rest soft/lps corals. It's a bummer that the meet ups are off with Covid but I look forward to them in the future. 

Best wishes and stay safe!



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Welcome ! Great start and love the rock work ! Also very wise to minimize the amount of fish. It’s often a rookie mistake to overstock the tank. Yes it’s too bad the in person meetings aren’t available but we are planning to do some virtual things to help everyone feel connected.

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I like the aquascape.  Welcome!   When you get to the point of wanting to know if your chemistry is good enough to keep <whatever is next>  (acro, LPS, Zoas, ...) - I suggest you reach out to the group and ask if anyone has free (or almost free) copy of something, you can use as a Canary.    Originally, it took me five Canary Corals in a row before starting keeping things alive. 

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48 minutes ago, Jma93 said:

Picture of my tailspot blenny vegging out in the algae clip. Lot of personality



Tailspots are great!  I love mine.

You should consider getting a clip-on orange filter so your photos aren't washed out with blue.  See my review here: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/smartphone-camera-filter-comparison.634162/ 

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