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  1. Did you get the Nero 3 or 5. I just got the 5 and I feel like it’s to much flow for my 20 gallon. I believe I have it on 20%-30%..
  2. I’m getting rid some of my old stuff I found in my garage. Here’s a little 2 gallon pico tank, I have two little basic lights for, a small adjustable heater, and really small return pump in the back. I’m not trying to sell it since I don’t know what it’s really worth, but would trade for some frags or something 😬. Mushrooms? Torch? Something cool idk? Lol SPECIFICATIONS Tank size: 7 litres Ultra-clear and durable 1/4 inch acrylic Overflow system Adjustable flow pump Dimensions: 22cm(H) x 17cm(W) x 22cm(D) Let know if you want to take on a change, didn’t really work out for me 😅..(highly recommend a ATO) LOL
  3. Was it squeezed lemon juice? Or just bottled kind. I ended up replace the smaller rocks. But I’m left with about 8 polyps.
  4. What would be the easiest, safest most effective way to remove all these zoas from this rock. I can’t really take the rock out of the tank since it’s pretty much at the base. Would I just be able to peel them off? The crappy part about this, is that I don’t even remember getting these 😪…
  5. Hey I saw that you also have a max nano as well, and this IM 5gallon fits perfectly in mine. I got it for mine and it’s perfect!
  6. So I ended up, going with the duetto due to the size. The foot print is so small literally the size of penny, and the pump has more then enough power to push up water to the tank.
  7. Why would you go with the full size? I was leaning over to the tunze but know I wanna know why you say the full size? Lol
  8. thats what I’m afraid of, it getting stuck when I’m gone lol
  9. My current ATO is starting to fail, and I need to find a new asap. I’ve been looking at these nano ATO’s but not sure if they’ll work with the all-in-one setup compartments, as in how they have the black plastic on the glass? The other options is the nano tunze but I’m not really in floats, but heard these are trustworthy. If you guys have some experience with these or insight’s that would be so helpful, or even any for sale?
  10. @shaywood I haven’t heard any noise at all!! The only time I hear something is when I turn it to 100% near the surfaces.
  11. I have the guard but haven’t put it on because it looks ugly lol
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