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  1. Picture of my tailspot blenny vegging out in the algae clip. Lot of personality
  2. Thanks for your response, I will check out those articles. As it stands right now my lighting schedule with standard Biocube LED lighting is: LC1 10am-6pm LC2 9am- 7pm LC3 8am - 8pm Does this seem like a reasonable schedule for soft/lps corals?
  3. Good afternoon, I have recently cycled a 32 gal Biocube and lightly stocked it. I will soon be at the point of adding easy to care for soft or lps corals. I was hoping for recommendations around a light schedule for the LEDs to support coral health/growth. I also wondered if others would recommend adding additional flow to the tank. I would appreciate any guidance or support y'all might have. Thanks!!
  4. Thanks for the kind words everyone! It has been alot of fun to research, setup, and maintain so far. Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 10 Phosphate 0- .25 KH 11 Calcium 440 Temp 77.4 Salinity 1.026
  5. Good afternoon everyone, I am new to the hobby and have been searching for a place to learn/connect. This seems to be just that place, and after lurking for a while I decided to join in on the fun. I'm originally from the Space Coast of FL and have lived in the Portland Metro area for a few years now. I recently cycled a 32 gal Biocube and will keep it lightly stocked as I continue to learn. The plan is 2 fish, a few inverts, and the rest soft/lps corals. It's a bummer that the meet ups are off with Covid but I look forward to them in the future. Best wishes and stay safe!
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