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  1. Nice looking tank I'm in Longview
  2. I just recently purchased a inkbird and it's been working great, highly recommended.
  3. IMHO, I think the first thing to consider is how is all your livestock doing? It doesn't look like anything is too far out of whack, I'm not sure about chasing a 'perfect' pH. Mine is running in the high 7's but was in the low 8's before the fires.. everything is still doing great and growing so I'm not going to make any major changes or try to 'fix' it. My alk is dropping slightly but I've added a bit of livestock recently so it was to be expected and making slow minor adjustments to my 2 part dosing schedule. Water chemistry will change, it does in nature.. I personally think kee
  4. Returned the PAR meter thanks, sorry about the delay on return
  5. Yeah, if you wanted to pay shipping I could ship it.. should be pretty hardy to ship almost anywhere, where are you located?
  6. bump, still got some of these left, the macro has grown a bit.. I'll be at CnC sometime this week as well, still TBD exact day let me know if you want any photos/info/etc.
  7. I've already started over 🤣 For me it was not having to do 20+ g water changes and using a pipette instead of cup measuring to dose so I went with a nano. Bad part is obviously it's a nano and needs a pretty constant monitor and to be very precise about everything.
  8. I just bought a 5g hedpack jug, something like this : https://bascousa.com/hedpak-5-gallon-container.html might work for you, might not 😁 just an option
  9. Yeah I personally would try to get some macro going in there to take up whatever nutrient that the DT algae is growing with, throw that skimmer back on and do whatever manual removal you can. Though I'm no expert just my personal experience. I was siphoning the algae through a sock filler into the sump daily for a while till it eventually reached a balance .. though mine was centralized on rock so it was a bit easier to siphon.
  10. Just my $0.02 Do you have a sump/nutrient export? I was dealing with that till I got some macro going in my sump and started feeding more to get the macro going and taking up the nutrient that would otherwise grow algae in my DT. Hard to tell though without full knowledge of your sys.. What are your other water parameters looking like?
  11. I do still have the PAR meter safe and sound Though I sincerely apologize, I will be out of town for the week and will be able to return it next weekend..
  12. Yeah it's a really hard thing to do, I've been trying to play music with friends virtually that live far away and I really have not found a good solution that's even remotely easy to setup. You might look into a chat only (or some sort of dual) option, I think the lag is mostly trying to sync video which must be tied to the chat. But sadly that looses a lot of the experience.. I'll be gone for a week but when I get back I'll see if I can research some options too 😁
  13. Just wanted to say that a few weeks ago, I missed out on their frag pack offers but Holly put together a custom pack for me after I PM'd and let her know what frags I was interested in. I got some great corals which are doing awesome and already showing growth!! Holly was very friendly, my wife and I loved meeting her and seeing their setup Just wanted to say I wouldn't hesitate to purchase corals again from them and it was an awesome transaction
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