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Photo Contests with Prizes!!!


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This coming week we are running some photo contests open to both paid PNWMAS Supporting Members as well as free PNWMAS users.  There will be 4 contests in all, with two for smartphone photos and two for DSLR cameras, in the following themes:

Smartphone photo categories:
- Most likely to be a scene in a Pixar movie
- So ugly it's cute

DSLR photo categories:
- Most detailed coral photo
- Best home version of a SCUBA dive scene  (since COVID has limited most vacations, imagine you're shooting a photo in Fiji or somewhere exotic)

1. Each of these 4 contests will be posted in separate threads tomorrow morning (Sunday, 8/30/20).  You may submit only one photo per contest.
2. Along with the photo, post the model of smartphone or model of DSLR camera and lens used.
3. Photos must be taken by you.
4. Deadline for entry is 11:59:59 pm Sunday 9/6/20.
5. Winners will be determined based on voting poll results after the submission deadline. There will be one winner per contest.  Voting polls will be open Monday morning 9/7/20 with polls closing 11:59:59 pm Sunday 9/13/20.
6. Winners will be announced Monday 9/14/20.

For paid PNWMAS Supporting Members, a $25 gift certificate to the PNWMAS sponsor local fish store of your choice.
For non-supporting members, a free one year Individual Membership to PNWMAS.  This membership provides access to all club benefits including a free raffle ticket for all club events, PAR meter use, group buys, grow out competitions, and more.

Clean your tank glass, dust off your camera, and get your creative juices flowing!  Good luck to all.

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12 hours ago, SuncrestReef said:

Hey @albertareef, @ibondy, @J-Dog, @What_The_Frag, @pdxmonkeyboy I know all of you guys have good DSLR cameras. Here's your chance to show off and have a good chance at winning a gift certificate since there aren't many entries yet.  Deadline for entry is Sunday night.

Well, that would require that I actually have something worth taking a pic of in my tank 😞  COVID has not been kind to the tank or my work schedule...  Thanks for the heads up though!

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