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  1. All items sold, please close.
  2. Lowered prices. Make your offer.
  3. I was testing ALK every 2 hours and CA and Mg twice a day to calibrate my Calcium reactor.
  4. Developer in the past, sr. architect now, and had some time on my hands. Take a look : GitHub - ibondy/ApexLoader GitHub - ibondy/ApexScheduler
  5. Apex is using REST API and you can interface with it. I created a custom scheduler for Trident as I found built in schedules limited for my needs. I also wrote a scheduler to dump Apex data into RavenDB to get my own reporting. There is a lot you can do if you are willing to put time into it and create code.
  6. Spring cleaning my garage. Brand new sump (in box) Trigger Elite Crystal 36 - $200 Skimz Bio pellet reactor large - $75 Skimz Bio pellet reactor small - $50 BRS dosers 50ml per minute - 6 of them $40 each (3 pumps sold) Snapper/Dart Hybrid - slightly used - $150 Dart/Snapper Gold Hybrid - never used - $250 BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor - Dual - $30 each - have 2 EC plus air compressor 1300 gph /5.22 PSI - 30$ GenX pump PCX30 - $25 EC plus pump 1584 gph - $20 EC plus pump 1056 gph 30 Coralbox dosing container 3x1500ml - $10 (Sold) Whisper 20 air pump $10 Jebao wave maker TW10 magnetic - $30 Discount for multiple items.
  7. I run Clarisea on my RSM 650 for 2 years and change the roll about every 4-6 weeks. Looking forward to John's report, in the future, as I am considering a similar route. Would not run the tank without roller anymore, sock are such a hassle.
  8. Welcome to the group! I live in Salmon Creek area as well.
  9. I love the roller mats, can't imagine dealing with socks again. Looking forward to your sump under the tank. It is something I may consider as well, when time comes.
  10. My wife have this scoli for about a month and today I noticed how it opens and extends his tentacles. I guess she is doing something right. 20210119_154918.mp4
  11. Looks awesome, looking forward to seeing a final product.
  12. Huge congrats, they are so quete and then they grow up. Enjoy every minute.
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