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  1. Large single head is SOLD. Smaller head is pending
  2. It looks like I was able to "accidentally" break off a couple of single head frags. I have 1 large head ($75) and 1 small head ($60).....these will go fast, so PM if interested.
  3. Gold hammer is back again! Taking orders, so if u want a frag, drop me a PM. Only 2 headed frags available.....can do larger upon request, but no singles can be cut anymore.
  4. Pack is sold! Thanks to everyone that bought frags......more are coming soon.
  5. Fire sale! Frags left are all discounted. PM me and lets make a deal
  6. Bumping it up. I need to make, so make me an offer. Willing to give discounts if buying multiple frags
  7. Sorry for the delay, but the fish is sold
  8. I have a fully quarantined Marble Wrasse that I am looking to sell. I'd say medium in size and eats anything I feed it. Asking $50 PM if interested
  9. List updated again. Still have a few left
  10. Frag list updated....still lots available.
  11. Should have some frags ready in about a week.
  12. It’s a nice red piece with yellow/gold accents. I think Jared lost his colony a while back. Here’s a colony pic for reference. It’s hard to see how much color it actually has because it’s so hairy....
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