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  1. Bump it up. Make me an offer if u are interested
  2. List is updated. Only 2 pieces left
  3. Thanks for stopping by today, Jason. It was nice meeting u and I hope u enjoy the pack. Shoot me a pic when u get a chance
  4. I have 3 different SPS mini colonies for sale. All three are large multi branched frags that will jump start any tank. Prices are listed.... 1. BC Magic Wand Tenuis $100 2. ARC Fireworks $150 3. CC Firewalker Milli $200 SOLD PM for fastest response
  5. If anyone is interested in individual frags, I can frag most of the pieces that are in the listed pack. Just let me know
  6. Pack is pending. For anyone that is interested, I should have lots more SPS available to frag in the next couple of months. Shoot me a PM if u have any questions or if you’d like to know what’s available.
  7. For all the folks that like pics under blues, here u go. Frag order is a little mixed up, sorry about that
  8. I have a 12 piece SPS frag pack all healed up and ready to go. Asking $750 for the pack......I will also throw in a freebie of my choice to sweeten the deal. PM for fastest response. Frags are listed from left to right..... Front row ARC Fireworks ARC Proximo CC Firewalker Milli Wet Thumbs Mother of Pearl Middle Row Pearlberry 2.0 ASD Rainbow RR Grape Juice PSX Avatar Efflo Back Row RP Radiant Horizon (mini colony) RP Blueberry Limeade BC Magic Wand Tenuis Gonzo’s Blueberry Diesel (mini colony)
  9. Not really sure if this contest is still going on, but here’s my frag under blues and whites. Almost encrusted the entire frag plug and has great color. Getting both blues and greens in the new growth. No new tips growing yet, but it will be interesting to see what color shows up there.
  10. 1st of the month bump. 4 headed frag still available!
  11. Still have one 4 head frag left. PM if interested
  12. Is any of this equipment still available? I keep getting an error message when I try to send a PM
  13. I have one 4 headed frag left.....who wants it?!
  14. Encrusting again and I’m also getting some green growth mixed in with the blue. Will be interesting once this piece really grows out
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