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Fishroom Remodel Has Begun!

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On 10/27/2020 at 2:56 PM, pdxmonkeyboy said:

I have a piece of FRP you can have to mount behind your aquarium.  I have two pieces actually one is 8' long x 30" high and one that is 18" tall.  Protect that wall behind your aquarium and glue up some FRP. 

And you probably already know this.. get rid of that light switch. 


Thanks for the offer, I’m holding off on frp inside the house.   Dry wall has held up well “enough” and will eventually get all replaced if when we ever move.  :)

and yup on switch

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I went with white, purple, and blue piping. All the colors mean there is water of some kind inside them. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk

And just like that, THERE'S WATER IN THE TANKS!   Had enough new salt water to fill first tank last night.  No leaks, all working as planned.   Used new mixing station overnight to make another b

Update: Plumbing ordered last night.   Used three different businesses. https://www.pvcfittingsonline.com/ for bulk of the fittings.  (thank John, I think this was a recommendation from y

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And The Stand is in the house.   Fan is there just in case carpet still has dampness.   On to measurements and new holes.

I've chosen to black out the back and the end with black vinyl car wrap.  I've done a small test wrap, it was EASY.  Full size sheet arrives next week.   Last tank, I painted the back black.  Over time the salt creep eroded some and the outside MP40 motor vibrated some off.   So this time it's Vinyl Wrap!



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Tank is now In The House!   

Move crew converged on our house and we got it done last night.  Joined two furniture dollies together, with foam underneath and it was much easier than getting the tank to the house.    Roll out of garage, around side of house, lift onto deck, ramp into house, and then lift, manipulate, rotate onto a plastic base plate covered with a yoga mat.  Then lift the  base, mat, and tank in one motion and slide it onto the stand.   Much easier than trying to precisely set the tank on the mat&stand, in the corner of the room.   Glass tanks are heavy.  :)

Finished Results:  (with temporary cardboard "skin" for visual effect)




Final alignment and lift crew







Garage Storage, onto the furniture dollies






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And ten days later, The tank is Full, correct salinity, has gravel, and Connected To the Main System.   We are back to One Biological Loop!

Water, Salt, Gravel, and Flow!


Proof of Flow


First Salt


Multiple days of running RO


John's Mixing Station Design sure made it easer to pump RO into tank, and eventually final salt water to top it up.


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Today's Update:

  • Problems getting MP60's configured and connected to Apex are solved.
  • Two MP60s and two MP40s installed in tank, and programing challenge posted in attached thread.
  • First pass rockwork planned, and left end in the tank
  • right side islands needed minor rock gluing.  Super glue done, e-marcos cement completed last night.  Going into tank tonight



Current tank view:



End view.  MP60s above, MP40s below



Rockwork plans.   Front View, and End View




(Don't get any funny ideas of breaking in, to steal our ultra valuable TP supply.  After seeing this picture, I've already moved it to a more secure location!)


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Good Morning Aquarium!

  • First round aqua scaping installed last night
  • First fish moved back into tank (ugly cardinal, we have a long history together, >15yr old fish)
  • Clockwise/AntiClockwise MP60/MP40 programming setup at 100%, and run all night.  Whoops.  Moved a lot of sand.
  • (remember this tank is now connected to existing sump, dual frag tanks, with all the old tank rock/livestock/etc.  So biology exists on "the other side of the wall")


Last night, Rocks installed and Flow enabled




This morning Sand Movement




First Fish!  





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22 hours ago, spectra said:

That stinks I hate sand movement..............my ocd side would be going nuts...............

Now that I've gotten the Apex programming down, I was able to throttle back the speeds - and the sand is back in the right places.   

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1 hour ago, obrien.david.j said:

Now that I've gotten the Apex programming down, I was able to throttle back the speeds - and the sand is back in the right places.   

Since you've made some significant Apex programming changes, don't forget to save a new backup of your configuration.  Instructions here:  https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/apex-users-public-service-announcement.622847/

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