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  1. Would you be able to at Cuttlefish Friday? Coming from Lacey. Interested in the inkbird and dj power strip
  2. Nice! It's such a nice dimensions.
  3. Been busy planning and sourcing equipment for my reef lounge build. The plan is 1 redsea reefer 850s, 1 redsea reefer 1000s and 1 innovative marine 150g 47x35x20 lagoon. Have anyone mod the sump to run a clarisea 5000?
  4. Mines won't even read alk. Keeps giving me test failed or alk out of range error
  5. Lol right?! They will value every plant even though it's in vege stage and worth nothing. They will always juice the numbers to make it look better and bigger then the reality.
  6. There is a system in the cannabis industry that is similar to apex called Dosatron.
  7. I guess I'm old school lol. I hear slot about these lately. What is it exactly and how I'd it valued?
  8. I have a 40w aqua ultraviolet brandwith brand new sleeve and bulbs. It is too long for my application.
  9. Yeah these are supposedly from Malaysia. I have some coming soon
  10. What's your budget? I have a brand new 150g system with most all the quality components you need for the system.
  11. Ahhh yeah I can see that being in issue for dosing.
  12. Nice. I just got the 39 platinum. How you liking it?
  13. Nice branch rocks. You selling them?
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