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  1. Aren't yellow tangs mostly captive breed/raised now with Biota? Doubt they will get that expensive.
  2. This system is coming along nicely. It will probably be spring or early summer before I set up the 150g so I figured let's get some stock. Went to Sea Kings in Bellevue for the 1st time. I will have to say it was a pleasant experience. Scored a dope master scoly a nice indo elegance and the brightest orange branching hammer I've seen. Hard to capture the bright orange like how you would see in person. Under radion xr15 ab+
  3. Having it built. Shouldnhave it in 5-6 weeks i think. Oversize just a bit to 72x30x38 for extra cab space for gear
  4. Can you share pics how you supported yoir floor?
  5. Nice! I need to support my floor as well for sure as it sits parallel to the joist.
  6. After discussing with my wife about the space for a bigger tank in the house. Without sacrificing our dining window. I wouldn't be able to fit what I originally planned. So alternatively since I do have about a 7' wall space between my dining room and kitchen. SCA had a nice sale on their 150g 60x24x24. So here it is. Now I can have my gem tang and not feel bad lol.
  7. All that is left to add to the system is a trident. Crazy how much cords there are to manage. Besides the size. I'm pretty satisfied how it came out.
  8. Been in there couple times recently. Orange looks more pink to me in person
  9. Yup I thought of that. I put 1 hole on top and one on bottom for 4 cords each hole. I appreciate your thoughts though. Thank you
  10. Yeah that could be a possibility. I'm just glad I am connected now lol
  11. No token but after so many attempts and resetting my router a few times. I was able to finally get it to work. Thanks
  12. Hope everyone had a great holiday! My present came in time. Pretty much done besides waiting on some flat head extension plugs and then I'll plug everything into the apex and hang the doors.
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