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Black Friday/Small Business Saturday Sale!

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Mystery Boxes and Grab bags! 

-This Black Friday we are planning an amazing sale. Last year our grab bags were a huge success. I think everyone had a blast and got some really sweet corals. One person got two Walt Disney acros in two different $20 grab bags. All the bags are worth at least double the cost.

We will divid the coral into $10, $20, $40 bags with a max of 5 bags allowed per family. Each price point will have be split between easy/medium corals and SPS, Clams, etc bags. This year we will be adding jawbreaker mushrooms, bounce mushrooms, rainbow acans, super high end sps(Oregon tort, Walt Disney, homewrecker, beach bum monti, tons other crazy things)

- We are going to be doing high dollar mystery boxes as well.

There will be:

10 $100 mystery boxes

5 $250 mystery boxes

3 $500 mystery boxes

2 $1000 mystery boxes - insane

These need to be purchased ahead of the sale and we will custom tailer each box to what you are looking for. These will be incredible with some of the nicest corals in the world. Please contact us if you are wanting one as they will go fast. 

- We will also be running some other specials so stay tuned. 

Wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving! Jeff and the CNC crew!

LOGOED 2Finished  0125.jpg





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5 minutes ago, CuttleFishandCoral said:

We will be opening at 10am both days. 

Only a few more mystery boxes are left. If u are on the fence don’t be these will be awesome. Thanks 

Did you get my PM earlier today for a mystery box?  Not sure if I should have replied in this thread.

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2 hours ago, CuttleFishandCoral said:

One more mystery box at each level left. Don’t forget to call and prepay. It’s going to be busy and want everything to move along smoothly. 

These are going to be really amazing. Tons of orders are arriving tomorrow. Stay tuned for more info. 

This would be a nice way to reboot the tank - if only I was confident it was sorted. Maybe next year 😞

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! 

We have been working overtime getting ready for the sale! It's going to be epic! 

Shop is overflowing with amazing fish and corals. All fish will be discounted this weekend. We have Captive bred Yellow Tangs, Coral Beauty, and mandarins all in stock. 

The grab bags are insane. Limit 5 per family per day. Will have them available both Friday and Saturday. 

We open at 10am and we are looking forward to seeing everyone. 





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Thanks everyone for stopping by today and making it a huge success! 

We are just finishing up unpacking the grab bags. So far we have pulled out 4 walt Disney frags that were in the $10 sps grab bags. 

We will repackage them tomorrow morning. And add even more. 

Sale continues for small business Saturday.

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Pictures of my grab bag items attached!

I used a phone so sorry for blurry/poor quality!

CNC - if you have any identification specifics on these pieces, I'd love to have them for my records!

Thank you CNC, was a blast and enjoy the beautiful additions!









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