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  1. That's good to hear. Another product to add to the arsenal if anything should arise.
  2. If it's a worm that they have, I wonder if the pig dewormer I used to eliminate flat worms would work? Not sure how safe it is for fish as I removed all inverts and fish when I used it.
  3. Not sure where this belongs. Mods please move if not correct. I use salinity salt. I only know of 1 store that carries it but they can't seem to get the big buckets anymore. Just the 120 gallon and the super huge 25 gallon buckets I think. I'm trying to find the 225 gallon buckets. I'm down to 2 120 gallon buckets so I'm cutting the mix with reef crystals. I do 3:1 salinity to reef roughly to make it last. I don't like the grey concrete residue left by the reef crystals on everything. Do any other stores locally carry salinity? It can only be purchased locally as salinity does not allow online sales of it, I've asked, plus shipping costs are outrageous.
  4. What was it hiding under? What kind of lights?
  5. 15-25 for smaller frags is a fair price. I'd call up Patrick at obsessions, he can help with pricing. His prices are fair
  6. As long as it's not extremely porous like caribsea it should be decent. Lol.
  7. What kind of rock is that? Caribsea man made or?
  8. Of course, the one weekend I'm not driving in from Idaho.
  9. There's a whole trident on Craigslist, not what you want to hear though
  10. It's only a rip off for 5# at airgas as it's not a common bottle(airgas is a welding supply) I bet the 20 and 50# are cheaper at airgas. I used to pay $25 to refill my 50# at airgas
  11. It keeps getting better. That is great product improvement.
  12. I was just curious. I've used ozone during home renovations to help kill off mold and eliminate cigarette smells. It is very harmful to lungs and the body in general if over exposed, works wonders though. Is it just used to clear the water or does it help with say GHA or algae on the glass?
  13. Question, is ozone as toxic to fish, inverts, etc as it is to humans? Ozone generators can cause serious health issues with humans, wonder if the same is true or if the water makes it safe.
  14. I've swapped co2, 75/25, argon, oxy, acetylene, over the last 20 years. Never been asked about dates or rented bottles. I believe they get recertification if needed when they are refilled at the plants.
  15. Wait for a 50. They cost about the same to refill as a 20
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