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Happy birthday Mr. BRET!


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Thanks everyone! Having a fine day. Side note, i have recently broke some fingers on my right hand. So i won't be doing any estimates for my job for a while, couple that with the hydrocodone i'm on and wanting to make my 2 kids happy.....they decided i would look better with mermaid hair, lol. Now i just have to do the beard and the transformation will be complete.20160822_131722_zpsz9wgmlw0.jpg20160822_131713_zpsrn5npjxx.jpg

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And just for giggles.....I just tell people i punched a Leprechaun, lol. If i add up peoples guesses, #1 is that i'm a die hard Timbers fan.20160905_154548_zpscudqvf46.jpg



I'm thinking you just experienced a severe algae bloom. You may need to stop overfeeding and reduce your phosphates...  :happy:


Or perhaps the keebler elves were hiring...


Maybe had a craving for lucky charms?... :agree:

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