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  1. Thanks for your service!!!
  2. Thanks Brett (paradise coral),for this frag!!
  3. How about Christmas 🎄 worm,on a hermit.
  4. Two different monties, both called grafted, for illustration purposes.
  5. First time this happened to me, has anyone had this happen?
  6. They call Deadpool because there are red and black and candy crush if different colors, they look like same type of mushrooms.
  7. Sale/trade wwc bounce Looking for eclectus,jawbreaker, candy crush red/green combinations. Otherwise $150 .
  8. This is my forest fire,a little different.
  9. I have this from cuttlefish, similar, no name.
  10. Definitely not a rodactis,bounce or sunkist, this is also similar to "gonzo golden dragon ",this mushrooms are diferente lineage, check the purple edges.
  11. Depending on the size, l think is a good price.
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