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  1. To the Dump

    I own a 135 gal glass tank, with a plywood cabinet, 50 gal baffled sump, and both T8 and Halide lights with extra bulbs for both. Also included is a nearly new chiller, that has been in a box for the last 10 years. Also, misc. food. The problem is that nobody wants to drive to The Dalles to pick it up. Its all free! I have advertised it twice and it gets lots of attention until they realize its The Dalles. So I will hold it until the first weekend in October, then haul it to the dump.
  2. Generator Extension Cord

    2000 watts at 120 volts requires just under 17 amps. So go with 20 amp wire or #12. I would wire it with house wire and box both ends.
  3. Jumping clown fish

    I raise clowns and have never had one jump. Doesn't mean they don't, but I would guess it was the wrasse. My clowns tend to stay on the bottom or near it.
  4. I by mine off of Amazon Prime. I get them in 2 days.
  5. Guest speaker ideas?

    Is there an objective for the guest speakers? Are they just entertainment? What knowledge are we trying to improve?
  6. Clam Protection

    The movie sucked!
  7. Introduction

    Good luck...I have seen your setup and hope you do well.
  8. ATO......how do you do yours

    Float valve in the sump!
  9. ATS design, possible workshop

    I use a large ATS for my brood stock system because I feed so heavily. It has leds on both sides of the 8" x 12" screen. It is housed in a light prof cabinet hanging on my fishroom wall. I run the ATS on a reverse light cycle and didn't want the lighting to bother either the brood stock or larva.
  10. Reef Store - Hawthorne Street

    You mean to say that government regulations were holding back development for no good reason???? I am really surprised!
  11. I live East of Gresham in the Gorge.
  12. Cutting acrylic

    My experience with old acrylic has been bad. It warps and doesn't glue as well as new material. I originally built multiple tanks from acrylic, but two years ago I set up a fish room with glass tanks. I scrapped the old acrylic ones and cut them up for material just like you intend. I built my first ATS out of this reclaimed material. One day while cleaning it out, It exploded and one vertical seam just split. I have been told it was built up stress, but in any case I threw the rest away. My ATS is now glass.
  13. Majano Wand

    I haven't used mine in months. It was a poor solution. You can only kill those you can see, so they come right back.
  14. Turf algae help

    I would recommend an algae scrubber.
  15. Poll for Meeting Topic Ideas

    What about a topic on Algae Scrubbers? My write in vote!