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  1. Fisher15

    My Way

    I have been fooling around with raising clownfish off and on since 1990. About 5 years ago I bought a home and decided to raise clownfish again. This time I was determined to make it more successful and with a lot less work. I have attached a write up of what I am doing because it may be helpful for others interested in occasionally raising clown. Larval project.pdf
  2. Fisher15

    3D printed ato float holder

    I have been printing on a printer I designed and built from scratch. I used to teach engineering and used 3d software. Now I model and develop for myself as a hobby. I have done some overflow screens and such, but most of what I do is for drones and planes.
  3. Fisher15

    Can't lower nitrate

    Bad test kit?
  4. Fisher15

    Golden basket overload

    I was looking at the forum both yesterday and today, and only about 3 posts we NOT from the Golden basket. Maybe they should have a site of their own or at least a subforum for selling.
  5. Fisher15

    Cheap Water Flow

    A ground probe may kill you!
  6. Fisher15

    What do you do?

    I am a retired Corp COO with two engineering degrees. I also have a Masters of Education and taught high school engineering and Computer Science . Currently my time is divided between remodeling my home, raising clownfish, building drones and running my 3d printer.
  7. Fisher15

    Reusing carbon

    I am also very cheap and have developed a way to reuse toilet paper. Just trim off the clean parts and stick it back on the roll!
  8. Fisher15

    To the Dump

    I own a 135 gal glass tank, with a plywood cabinet, 50 gal baffled sump, and both T8 and Halide lights with extra bulbs for both. Also included is a nearly new chiller, that has been in a box for the last 10 years. Also, misc. food. The problem is that nobody wants to drive to The Dalles to pick it up. Its all free! I have advertised it twice and it gets lots of attention until they realize its The Dalles. So I will hold it until the first weekend in October, then haul it to the dump.
  9. Fisher15

    Generator Extension Cord

    2000 watts at 120 volts requires just under 17 amps. So go with 20 amp wire or #12. I would wire it with house wire and box both ends.
  10. Fisher15

    Jumping clown fish

    I raise clowns and have never had one jump. Doesn't mean they don't, but I would guess it was the wrasse. My clowns tend to stay on the bottom or near it.
  11. I by mine off of Amazon Prime. I get them in 2 days.
  12. Fisher15

    Guest speaker ideas?

    Is there an objective for the guest speakers? Are they just entertainment? What knowledge are we trying to improve?
  13. Fisher15

    Clam Protection

    The movie sucked!
  14. Fisher15

    ATO......how do you do yours

    Float valve in the sump!
  15. Fisher15

    ATS design, possible workshop

    I use a large ATS for my brood stock system because I feed so heavily. It has leds on both sides of the 8" x 12" screen. It is housed in a light prof cabinet hanging on my fishroom wall. I run the ATS on a reverse light cycle and didn't want the lighting to bother either the brood stock or larva.