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  1. So I sanded the acrylic up lightly, and retaped the divide up. Silicone with the marine silicone. Three hour check holding firmly not trying to pull or anything. At 9pm it will be at it cured time. However I'm giving it a week more before setup. I have a 7 ft steel stand coming for all my clown tanks. No more stands everywhere. The only other stand will be my display tank. If I can ever reach it to clean it other than water change. (No one helps me put up my Christmas stuff into attic, so it's all infront of my display).
  2. I bought marine silicone that works on glass and acrylic.
  3. Gorilla clear works on acrylic even unscratched up
  4. talkalot82


    Building my 20 long for new clown fish species to breed. Putting in tank divider right now. It's a simple system. Sand bottom, eheim canister, two clay pots, and a inline heater. Thinking since this is in garage a 200w in line heater to attach to 1/2 eheim hose. Any opinions on that? Breeding long fins, and platinums.
  5. Yes, glass anemones. No doubt in my mind. Not even sure where they came from. Haven't added to my tank in years.
  6. I took a rare look into my overflow today and I discovered there are like hundreds of glass anemones in there. I have two overflows both the same. what's the best course of action? I see no glass anemones in my display itself and I would like to keep it that way. I can't really put a fish in my overflow or a peppermint shrimp. what's the best course of action?
  7. I have clowns. I'm in springfield. $8.00:each
  8. Aquarium service in springfield has a gold nugget large. But he's a gold nugget so high priced.
  9. They can go about 4 days without food. So as long as he's eating something at least until he gets in his home you should be fine. Also try some stinker food. Or some tdo to get him to come out
  10. He's scared by himself. Some more pcv and not being able to see you when he feeds will help. My tomato which I breed myself in 2011 won't come out unless he thinks I'm gone. Clowns just like a safe spot or a buddy..
  11. We have a 5-6 inch just a guess mono in 1.023 specific gravity that needs a forever home. He's really nice. Just out grew home. He is $1.00 not a typo just $1.00. just wants a home. In Eugene. He loves to eat krill. He is living with a dogface puffer and two ocellaris clowns and a huma trigger and he is nice. We hand feed him even. He's just out grew his home.
  12. will he be ok woth my pistol. I have had the pistol for over 15 years
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