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  1. Well it's been 9 weeks that my tank stayed fishless due to to ich outbreak. Today was the day they went back home ich free. I Was lucky only list my angel. But I still worry they will get it again when I put them back. Even after 9 weeks. Soooo nervous. So please wish me luck
  2. You can get a box of salt from Amazon for 59.00 with prime. Will do 200 gallons of water. I'm not by you but I hope you get help. It's not as hard as all that. You can do it. We were all starting out some time.
  3. Just wanted to show off my new beautiful corals
  4. It's nice to get someone new not up in Portland.
  5. What species of clown


    1. Tim Mastin

      Tim Mastin

      Sorry oso or perks.

    2. Tim Mastin

      Tim Mastin

      Medium not small had bad luck with the littme ones.

  6. I'm in for aumor of god. Message me address
  7. I am looking for corals and frags in eugene, springfield or surrounding withing 30 miles. I just set up a 10 gallon nano reef.
  8. She didn't make it
  9. After a two week qt with copper all my ich is gone. I had all my fish pulled in four 10 gallon tanks in copper. They are out of their tank for 8 weeks. So in the qt tank my tang attacked my lemon peel angel.now she has Popeye and missing a fin. So I bought another tank. So 5 tanks now. And she's on antibiotics now. Wish her luck.
  10. If you still have the god zoathid I'd take them. I'm in springfield

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    2. siskiou




      are you still interested in the Armor of god zoas?

      The previous buyer did not show up, nor is he answering messages.


    3. talkalot82
    4. talkalot82


      What's ur address

  11. I run relassy lights off of amazon. I just love them. and I have a rather deep tank. I have ran them for about two years now. no issues they run about $100 new.
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