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  1. I have a new light coming in and want to check it out. Please put me in line for either meter.
  2. The example show above might be just what I need. Yes, I have a caliper and will follow through with Digikey. I had purchased such a cord almost two years ago, but cannot remember how I found it on line. (Digikey rings a bell.)
  3. I am suspicious of zero phosphate readings. I have had very low readings even with almost no algae in tank.
  4. I want to order a short, three foot extension for my carbon doser but I do not know the proper terminology. Is this a plug, jack, or what, and where can I find it?
  5. Having some extra controlled outlets might be handy. Offer coming via PMs
  6. Yes, well sort of. I have a full bucket of StoneFix. pm'ed
  7. Very helpful feedback. Going forward with larger fish, I will not panic with a power failure, but also not drag my feet to start up my generator. As for a heater, I can also just feed more fuel into my fireplace which keeps the den nice and warm.
  8. There is tons of discussions on the critical need for battery back up so that when the power goes out, circulation can be maintained to keep the water oxygenated. Last night, I goofed and left the return pump and power heads off for 12 hours straight. To my surprise, the ten small to medium fish in my 120 gallon did not appear to be phased at all. Why did they not all die?
  9. I have an extra, a Curve 7 model. Perfect condition. R2R lists several starting at $150. Interested?
  10. That is encouraging. And the loop includes a sediment filter, right? What size pump do you use?
  11. AWC is working beautifully, thanks to your help. Ahead is setting up the leak detectors and the optical level sensors along with alarms and emails. Looking forward to this.
  12. Since I got no useful feedback on R2R, perhaps some sympathetic club member has some advice. I am wondering why many people run a pump periodically to circulate the salt mix once the salt is thoroughly dissolved. Any ideas?Second question: If a closed loop is set up with canister filter and pump, would that reduce the brown precipitate that forms in the salt mix tank? It is extremely inconvenient for me to clean out the bottom of the tank every two to three months. I saw some set up on BRS earlier but cannot find it now.
  13. I went to Outputs, then NSW/OSW to get Schedule. Then hit gearbox to get Interval information which I used for the screen shots. Just finished following your dashboard set up instructions. Success. I am confident that my AWC will work as intended. Super thankful. .../and I will read all documentation and tutorials. Mandatory reading!
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