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  1. What the heck? Thank goodness that COR alarm alerted me. The pump will not stay on. The main screen shows a red "VOLT" error message. I do not know what I could have done to cause this nor do I know how to fix it.
  2. With each power outage, I have to reset my Classic via the Display. PITA. Is there a simple UPS that is fast enough to protect the Apex? Would 600 VA be big enough to keep pump, power heads, skimmer, etc (excluding lights) going for 30 minutes?
  3. For me, the two choices for an auto feeder are The Plank or Apex AFS. Any opinions out there?
  4. It is time again to check my lighting. Please put me in for a meter. Thanks.
  5. Climate Control from Tualatin has treated me well, and fairly.
  6. I have a COR 15, only tested it out, never used it.
  7. Skip me this time since I am out of town.
  8. I have a new light coming in and want to check it out. Please put me in line for either meter.
  9. The example show above might be just what I need. Yes, I have a caliper and will follow through with Digikey. I had purchased such a cord almost two years ago, but cannot remember how I found it on line. (Digikey rings a bell.)
  10. I am suspicious of zero phosphate readings. I have had very low readings even with almost no algae in tank.
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