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  1. So to go back to this question...I put 7 fish in my 180g on Saturday 25th. The fish are 5 months old and never seen a anemone..2 of the 7 are sleeping in it tonight 24 hrs later. So it really all depends on the fish.
  2. Awesome,I should have plenty.normally people post nems on this page quite often. I have some as well,they spread fast lol
  3. Clownfish for sale, $15-$50 ea. Dark mochas $15 ea Black and whites $20 ea Black snowflakes and dominos $30 ea Snow storms $40 ea Black storms $50 ea Discounts for 10 or more fish. Possible trades for coral Approx size are about 1 inch or 1 1/4. I feed them TDO and ocean nutrition flakes. Thanks, Jake
  4. Hello. looking for an adult female Wyoming white clownfish. Kinda want a nice one for breeding. located in Chehalis,WA Thank you, Jake
  5. I have rotifers but I'm 2 hrs north of you
  6. Eventually they will. I have a few that are a year old or so that JUST started going into anemones.
  7. Hello, I will have some mocha's ready by then for sure. They are getting really close.they are mocha but I have noticed they will get darker with age. I wouldn't consider them gladiator but not quite a standard pattern on some
  8. I'm in Chehalis. They are about two months from being big enough to sell Gonna be anywhere from $15 to $50 ea. Yeah, possible trades for frags for sure. I will be posting when they are ready.
  9. Just an update pic of the new batches of clownfish.
  10. So my black storm and black snowflake have finally spawned!!! Just moved 200 baby clownfish into grow out!
  11. I live in Chehalis WA and yea I should have some for sale in a few months. I will post on here when they are ready
  12. That's awesome! My black storm/black snowflake eggs hatched last night. I have found raising clownfish is kinda addicting.
  13. TDO is what I use. I think Bulk Reef Supply has a food package that has the food from powder ( A ) up to large. You can introduce TDO A at about day 4 or 5. Gonna be hard to keep them fed not being in there own tank. A simple 10 gallon with a bubble from an air line and your golden.. best to have rotifers ready from hatch tho. And all rotifers need is air and 5 gallon bucket,feed em phyto. I hope thats some help and not just rambling..
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