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  1. TDO is what I use. I think Bulk Reef Supply has a food package that has the food from powder ( A ) up to large. You can introduce TDO A at about day 4 or 5. Gonna be hard to keep them fed not being in there own tank. A simple 10 gallon with a bubble from an air line and your golden.. best to have rotifers ready from hatch tho. And all rotifers need is air and 5 gallon bucket,feed em phyto. I hope thats some help and not just rambling..
  2. Just let me know when your ready, I have about 20 or so that are about an inch or so right now and another 50 or 60 that are a couple months away from being big enough to sell.
  3. Oh that's awesome. They look like they are doing well. Thank you. It was awesome to meet you and your son. Your corals are settling in nicely as well. Thanks again!
  4. Thank you. Great to meet you and your son. I'm glad you love them.
  5. I got those little feather dusters too all over in my sump.
  6. All sold. Will have more in about a month.thank you
  7. I have 9 mocha clownfish (ocellaris) approx 4 months old all eating well. $15.00 each. Message with any questions. Thank you, Jake Located in Chehalis,Wa
  8. Yea for sure. I'm still a few months away but I plan on having plenty to sell.
  9. Update pics.. so these guys are gonna be mocha/ caramel color. Wonder how dark they will get as they mature? And I have 60 more in grow out.
  10. Thought I would post a couple update pics. I wound up with 11 Total.
  11. Moved into grow out tank today.. starting to look like little clownfish.. and already territorial, crazy how young when they learn to be jerks lol
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