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  1. Ok so I can connect a second dos right to first one it looks like. Ie daisy chain it
  2. Before i go out and buy a second neptune dos and ddr system, i wanted to make sure my apex can handle another unit without having to add break out box etc. Thanks guys
  3. I would bump your phophates up to around .05. Phosphates are needed for the health of the corals. I noticed when my phosphates bottomed out i would have issues with my SPS.
  4. Hi All Curious to see how long some of you have been in the hobby. What was your first tank? what equipment did you run back then? For myself i started in 1990.... been in the hobby for 31 years... im an old salt! My first tank was a 55g acrylic tank with two 400w iwasaki 6500k metal halide bulbs. The tank had a hang on the back overflow box into a 25g sump that housed... and i kid you not a 5' tall downdraft skimmer. I had that tank running with mostly soft corals and a few stonies. Then i met Steve Tyree and that's who started me on my SPS journey. Steve would go down to the wholesaler in LA let me know of any cool SPS and then he would ship them up to me... ah the good ol days. Then i took a little side trip in the late 90's into giant clam breeding with a guy from Tacoma. We started culturing our own zooxanthellae for the giants clams. (got the culture from a sacrificial giant clam by cutting up the mantle tissue and isolating the algae.) We did have luck getting clams to spawn, but where never able to get them to grow out much past a couple mm's in size. Im guessing lack of appropriate foods back then. For a few years i was the club president and met a lot of great folks through this hobby Let's here what you guys have done!
  5. I got a bunch, im up in kelso wa if you want to head up this way let me know
  6. Ya its in lower corner of the tank not under the lights
  7. I have a 10x10" rock that im letting 9 of them encrust and grow together. Then the rest im gluing on branch rock to encrust
  8. I gotta get a frag of that multicolor mille back again
  9. Thank you to Rudy for all the great corals over the weekend. Everything is settling in nicely
  10. Just wanted to say thanks to Jeff for this killer Cyphastrea. So far im up to 23 different types. Amazing how there are so many of them
  11. Hi All Im looking to purchase cyphastreas. Let me know what you have for sale and pictures if possible. Im located in Kelso Wa. Thanks all
  12. I would like to be next, going to have those radion gen5 to dial in
  13. Rudy is a great guy ive known him such a long time we use to do out of the trunk coral deals down by the airport lol
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