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  1. Pics just for fun

    Lookin good!
  2. Red Sea Reefer 350 build

    Yay, I've always wanted a unicorn tank!
  3. January Picture of the Month - Clams

    I love all the colors in clams. They're all works of art. I think they're one of the first ways Bret began his slow brainwashing to indoctrinate me into the saltwater obsession. <3
  4. Awesome Fish

    Bleeding Apple is $210
  5. Awesome Fish

    The war paint is $250
  6. Some End of the Year pics.

    Wow! Gorgeous!!!!
  7. What do you do?

    I love this thread so much! Cool to see all the peeps I can harass in the future to help me. I'm basically a glorified receptionist. I worked for years as a medical transcriptionist and a medical payable specialist, front office medical assistant, office manager, marketing specialist, etc. Now I run a cleaning company franchise in our area and assist in a fish store. I adore trading skills and would love to with any saltwater people! Need your house cleaned? I need some fishstore cabinets built! :-)
  8. Awesome Fish

    I love this clam too! Aaaa need to figure out the camera that takes out the blue.
  9. Awesome Fish

    Yes, when Bret gets back in a few I'll ask him! :-)
  10. Awesome Fish

    These are just a sampling! Sorry about the cell phone pics. FYI: The last photo of the rabbitfish and 2 spot tang = they appear to be inseparable and I hope they go to the same home! I'll try to post more pics. We still have the gorgeous cowfish and huge beautiful starfish and sooooo many others!
  11. Awesome Fish

    We have an insane amount of fish in right now. We've had most of them for MONTHS so they are very fat and happy (i.e., I like to feed my fish a lot, hence the daily water changes in our tanks, sorry Bret). Anyway, if you're looking for fish that you know are healthy come check ours out!
  12. Your tanks are so clean and gorgeous! Love this post.
  13. Great scores at Paradise corals!

    Ohhh I see fun trouble in our future! ♡
  14. New to saltwater

    Love your tank!
  15. Goodies from Seahorse

    Gorgeous gorgonian!