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  1. Holiday Party Save the Date!

    Sounds fun!
  2. 60 gallon cube seahorse build ♡

    A kessil h80 grow light ♡
  3. 60 gallon cube seahorse build ♡

    I don't love the look of yellow chains in a reef tank, but my seahorses adore them and I've gotten used to it.
  4. 60 gallon cube seahorse build ♡

    Thank you! You got me addicted to macroalgae and I keep adding more. I think it's beautiful and it keeps the tank so healthy. Bret did the aquascaping for me. My arms aren't long enough to reach the bottom of this tank without swimming!
  5. 60 gallon cube seahorse build ♡

    ♡My seahorses love the pods and Mysis growing in the refugium. We catch and put them in the tank as treats! ♡
  6. 60 gallon cube seahorse build ♡

    ♡I'm so in love with my tank♡
  7. calcium reactor controller

    Wow, awesome if they work correctly!
  8. Love my 60 gallon cube so much that I want another one. Anyone have one for sale?
  9. Got my dream skimmer!!

    Ohhh that's pretty!
  10. Jewell Anemone

    My seahorses have been known to munch on peppermint shrimp, LOL 😄
  11. Jewell Anemone

    Thank you!!! I've met other seahorse fanatics online in the UK who have these in their tanks but haven't known where to find them locally. ♡ I keep my tanks at 72° so they should adapt well apparently. 🐙
  12. Jewell Anemone

    I want to buy Jewell Anemones. Any1 have any to sell or know where to buy them?
  13. September Club Meeting!

    I would love to buy a jewel anemone if u can find one.
  14. Big news!!!