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  1. Jawfish are so entertaining. Love the little homes they make themselves. ♡
  2. Oh my gosh that's a beautiful tank!
  3. I'm so sorry you lost your kitty.
  4. Oh that first picture makes me want to cry! Glad you have friends to help get back in the game! ♡
  5. Nice job fixing the seize!
  6. I always think of gorgeous clams when I think of Premium Aquarium. We bought a beautiful one there and have been dreaming of starting a clam tank ever since! ♡
  7. I agree. It's beautiful purple ♡
  8. Im grateful the club meeting history is told from your perspective, Bert. Thank you for your kindness. We enjoyed hosting and our cup is overflowing. Thank you for coming out to Hillsboro to our little spot. ♡
  9. OMG I love you, Kim!! Thank you so much! I'm feeling like a queen today. 🤩😍
  10. Gorgeous photos! Thank you so much for coming out everyone. It was wonderful to spend time with new and old friends and learn some photo skills. I'm grateful to be a part of this club! ♡
  11. After 6 weeks it must feel like a blessing every second to have a kitchen back. Beautiful!
  12. We had a gorgeous frog fish for several months that I adored, but I was super happy when someone finally bought him because feeding live food is annoying, imo.
  13. Oh, what a great idea! We also have considerable credit at Cuttlefish we're glad to donate to the kids club. ♡
  14. He would have loved to chat with you too! This is his wife, Naomi. I really should change my name on here, lol, it's too close to his name.
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