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  1. MrsBret

    Want to buy zoas

    I don't have any zoas in Salem but had to reply because of your photo and name to tease @MrBret yup yup
  2. MrsBret

    Designer Clownfish

    I haven't seen one in person I dont think but from the photo above I kinda like the looks of the gold stripe maroon. (Furtively looking thru store to make sure I dont see one)
  3. MrsBret

    May POTM Voting - Anemones

  4. MrsBret

    Hair algae

    Only place the little guy cant clean, lol
  5. MrsBret

    I just wanted too...

    Happy bday!
  6. MrsBret

    New To Forum

    Glad you're here!
  7. MrsBret

    Rainbow Monti

    Those are so pretty!
  8. MrsBret

    Dog trainer recommendations

    Awwww ♡♡
  9. MrsBret

    Designer Clownfish

    Yes, so many interesting looks! I love watching clowns who are paired up. Also love clowns who love on anemones ♡
  10. MrsBret

    Designer Clownfish

    On Wednesday we have a nice assortment of Designer Clowns coming in. Go to https://www.seaandreef.com and let us know by noon tomorrow if theres a particular clown variety you want and we'll add it!
  11. MrsBret

    Meet up at Cuttlefish and Corals

    This thread is awesome! Some day I hope to see something similar about our store. :-)
  12. MrsBret

    Thanks xmas_one

    Xmas_one = always buy!
  13. MrsBret

    What's your favorite SPS/LPS Coral

    LPS are my favorite corals. My two favorites are my dendro and sun coral! I adore the dendro because they're always open and fat and happy. I adore the sun coral because when they're open and fat and happy (night time, happily fed) they have a distinct look to them. Top photo is dendro. Bottom photo is sun coral. "
  14. MrsBret

    Spots on my clown

    This is the same thing I've found. The very best luck I've had is with hypo-salinity. This article by Terry Bartelme has excellent information in it with the exact salinity needed for different issues or simply acclimating. https://www.advancedaquarist.com/2007/6/fish
  15. MrsBret

    Berghia Nudibranch

    We are planning to get some. While waiting for enough aiptasia to grow we got some aiptasia eating filefish. They ate all of it. They are really slow moving interesting fish and have become some of my favorite. I've read they can eat coral, though. They haven't done that in our tank, but probably wouldn't recommend them for a reef tank. My favorite thing for aiptasia if you don't want to have to get fish is just calcium mixed up and squirted into their mouths. I'm still interested in getting berghia's at some point, though, if we can keep enough rock covered in aiptasia in a separate tank with them alive for eating. We are trying to grow some aiptasia in our garage tank to see how much we can accumulate before getting the berghias.