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  1. MrsBret


    @Mr.Bret and I've been arguing the past week whether we have 3 or 4 seahorses in one of our tanks. I finally won the argument when he found this beautifully camouflaged guy.
  2. MrsBret

    Berghia Nudibranch

    We should talk about this again @MrBret
  3. MrsBret

    Want to buy zoas

    I don't have any zoas in Salem but had to reply because of your photo and name to tease @MrBret yup yup
  4. MrsBret

    Designer Clownfish

    I haven't seen one in person I dont think but from the photo above I kinda like the looks of the gold stripe maroon. (Furtively looking thru store to make sure I dont see one)
  5. MrsBret

    May POTM Voting - Anemones

  6. MrsBret

    Hair algae

    Only place the little guy cant clean, lol
  7. MrsBret

    I just wanted too...

    Happy bday!
  8. MrsBret

    New To Forum

    Glad you're here!
  9. MrsBret

    Rainbow Monti

    Those are so pretty!
  10. MrsBret

    Dog trainer recommendations

    Awwww ♡♡
  11. MrsBret

    Designer Clownfish

    Yes, so many interesting looks! I love watching clowns who are paired up. Also love clowns who love on anemones ♡
  12. MrsBret

    Designer Clownfish

    On Wednesday we have a nice assortment of Designer Clowns coming in. Go to https://www.seaandreef.com and let us know by noon tomorrow if theres a particular clown variety you want and we'll add it!
  13. MrsBret

    Meet up at Cuttlefish and Corals

    This thread is awesome! Some day I hope to see something similar about our store. :-)
  14. MrsBret

    Thanks xmas_one

    Xmas_one = always buy!
  15. MrsBret

    What's your favorite SPS/LPS Coral

    LPS are my favorite corals. My two favorites are my dendro and sun coral! I adore the dendro because they're always open and fat and happy. I adore the sun coral because when they're open and fat and happy (night time, happily fed) they have a distinct look to them. Top photo is dendro. Bottom photo is sun coral. "