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  1. I'm looking for a cheap heater to use for mixing saltwater in a 5 gallon bucket for our classroom tank. If anyone has one to sell and is going to the Cinco de Mayo party, I'll be there!
  2. Thank you all for your generous offers! I am going to try to make it out to some of the events here soon, it will be great to hopefully meet some of you in person!
  3. Thank you @Emerald525! We appreciate it a ton! I'm so glad that we can keep the spirit of the tank alive!
  4. Hi guys! Things are really coming along in the classroom tank! Massive thanks to @Flashy Fins and @Gumby for coming out this weekend to help set up the RODI and bring us some super cool corals! The boys also chose some fish this week and I made a trip into the big city to get them- here is a pic of the crew: So far, so good, all the inhabitants seem to be getting along. The firefish is afraid of the current from the powerheads and only comes out when they are turned off, but the clowns have been very sociable. We also got a cleaner shrimp and peppermint shrimp, and the boy
  5. Thank you all for the advice! We looked up ball anemones and I think that is a good match! Definitely looks like the little guy in our tank. It hasn't really grown at all but I will keep an eye on it for now. We're also keeping an eye on the sponge substance, and will take a sample to put under the microscope when we have a little extra time. There are several tiny aiptasia, but it doesn't seem to be too much of a problem right now and I think the addition of peppermint shrimp when the tank is ready will be a good remedy. We do have all the test kits we need, and feel prett
  6. Howdy everyone! I made it into Seahorse today, the folks in there are awesome and super helpful. I brought a sample of my tank water in and we tested it, the ammonia is indeed at zero, and so are nitrites and nitrates. Hooray! I do have some other issues however, like the pH (7.6) and alkalinity (5.4) being too low. They recommended adding kalkwasser, so I picked up some of that and mixed it up, but when we read the directions we realized that we need to have some sort of slow drip system to add it to the tank. So that's our next project, making a homemade drip system and hopefully g
  7. Ahhh! Thank you! I would have been super bummed!
  8. Oh good to know about Seahorse, maybe I'll try Cuttlefish and Corals. I have been testing alkalinity but it's really hard to match the color on the test strips- in any case, I can definitely say it has been lower than it should be- it's been around 40-80 ppm. I'll bring in a water sample to the store to get a good read on things, and maybe pick up some of the dropper type test kits so things are a little easier to read. Thanks for the advice!
  9. Hey guys! Would Woody's Seahorse be able to test a water sample for me? I'm thinking about making a trip into Portland on Monday since we don't have school. I pulled off a bunch of hair algae, but it is still plentiful- do you think it's time to add some clean up crew? Nitrates and nitrites were zero today, ammonia was at approximately 1ppm (as best I could tell from the color strips). Ph and alkalinity are still kinda wonky and low, not sure if I even need to be testing those right now without any livestock in there. @Gumby- Quick question for you- I have been keeping the fille
  10. That is so awesome! What do you use to take your pics? I am just trying to hold a cell phone up to the viewfinder and it's really difficult.
  11. Oooh I have always loved all the shapes of diatom skeletons- didn't even think to look at some of them under the scope! They're pretty much gone now but I will see if I can find any hanging on...
  12. Hi guys! I just wanted to update everyone on the status of our classroom tank! We are passed the brown diatom phase and have entered the green hair algae phase: Ammonia has been staying consistently 3 ppm, nitrites 0, and nitrates between 10-20. The pH has been low- 7.4- I am wondering if I need to add pH/alkalinity buffer to my distilled water during top offs? I have been topping off with either distilled or salt water depending on where the specific gravity is in order to try to keep it consistently around 1.025. An exciting discovery in the tank this week are little cope
  13. Hey everyone! My name is Deborah and I am the science teacher at the Klahre House! I wanted to introduce myself, share some pics of the new tank, and ask some questions, so.... here she is: We got all the rock in and placed and are happy with the layout- also updated the "do not touch" sign for those teenage boys- haha. There are some tiny feather duster worms who hitchhiked in on Jim's live rock that the students are really excited about- they have been searching every inch of the rock for any additional life hanging about. It's so amazing how the tiniest thing like a minus
  14. No worries! We don't have space for a tank that size anyway. Thanks!
  15. Great! I have been watching this forum for years, and am super excited to finally make this happen. Just keep me posted on any updates- thank you so much!
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