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  1. I think Rodgers is the most talented QB I’ve ever watched. Maybe not the best but he’s the total package.
  2. Aaron Rodgers is awesome, been carrying a mediocre team for a decade. Won a super bowl with McCarthy as coach. As a Dallas fan you see how bad McCarthy is.
  3. Looks like a variant of a diamond goby sand sifter to me. Should be fine with pistol shrimp but they won’t pair up.
  4. Sorry hear about your tank John, your tank has always been a favorite of mine and your photos are incredible
  5. 100 gallon I wouldn’t sweat it, on the 2nd floor. Keep the money from the engineers trying to rip you off, they are full of themselves.
  6. Congrats on the milestone. I really need to get off my duff and make the trip up to Portland. I’ve only heard great things.
  7. Thanks for sharing, what a nice tank you have.
  8. I started off with 7 1/4” ones in my 60g Redsea, after most of aptasia is gone they seam to roam around more and get caught in current. I just flip the filter socks inside out and collect them. If you can take rocks out, you can usually find them on the underside at night. Very rarely did I see any for the first few months, they really need to breed for a bit.
  9. For sure, thanks for motivating me to ship out, and sending me supplies. Glad they survived over a weekend at the post office luckily they were nice and full.
  10. I have no more berghia thanks for the coral trades. I gave the last 30 or so to the Premium Aquarium.
  11. Fish seem to know when the kid is off or gaps. I left my lid crooked one night, and woke up to my Jawfish on the carpet. I don’t think adding another clown should be a problem.
  12. Yeah I’d try GFO. Or start a refugium or throw some extra live rock in the sump.
  13. To me it’s normal. I’ll get film algae pretty quickly. When I had a refugium set up I didn’t get the film algae as much. Your phosphates are getting ate up by the algae why it test so low.
  14. Thank you, I’d say he’s been the best fish I’ve ever got from Petco.
  15. RIP Lonnie. My lawnmower looks the same but not as fat. I’ve had it 2 years it hasn’t grown length wise at all just round.
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