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  1. These poison dart tanks are so cool thanks for sharing. I can’t let my daughter see these or I’ll have some myself.
  2. Been reading a pin cushion urchin. Black face rabbit fish can help.
  3. I really like my midas blenny and orchid dottyback. There is a ton of wrasses that are great to.
  4. Could I get some tips for some critters or a potion to get rid of my red turf algae. It’s just getting worse over the years. Thanks Dustin.
  5. I’ve got the redsea E-260 and it’s been great. I’ve had the reef octopus various 2 I think it is for nearly 3 years no issues.
  6. I prob found atleast 30 more in the socks today.
  7. Just grabbed another 15-20 out of filter sock. Hit me up if anybody wants some. I’d take a softie coral or LPS or fist bump
  8. Anybody can come down and get some for free, just need a heads up so I can collect.
  9. They completed most the work in my 60+Gallon. Now there in my 10 gallon, I just removed 15 from a filter sock after 2 days. They should make quick work with the 10 gallon, they’re breeding like crazy.
  10. Just letting locals around Eugene/springfield here in maybe a month I’ll have a bunch of Berghia that I won’t need. Looking to pass them along local for free. Message me Dustin
  11. Thanks for replies. I have enough aptasia sadly feed my berghia for months. Dustin
  12. Does anybody know if berghia eggs are real fragile? How long til they hatch? I’ve got some berghia in my tank and they laid eggs on my magnet scraper of all places.
  13. Ouch always wondering what it looked like. I’m usually good for a bristle worm sting about 1 a month when removing little algae clump.
  14. I’m out East if springfield few miles away from a level 3. I’ve just been making sure my fish are extra fed and plenty of water in ATO. I’ve got a cobalt battery backup ready to go, already used it on Monday night when we lost power. Good luck to everybody and stay safe.
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