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  1. https://bend.craigslist.org/pet/d/60-gallon-seahorse-tank/6632743818.html Here is a link to my add. Feel free to call or text with questions. 541 815 7015
  2. stephanie

    Rusting metal stand

    My man actually just ordered the stuff to do it for some trucks he is restoring, but the tank comes first! =) Happy wife, happy life. Right? lol
  3. stephanie

    Rusting metal stand

    Thank you for all the advice. Sounds like we might sandblast then 2 part epoxy primer.
  4. stephanie

    Rusting metal stand

    I have a 180 that has been set up for about 3 years and the metal stand is really rusting. I painted the stand with a heavy coat of Rust-oleum paint, but it obviously was not enough. So I am taking down the tank, sand blasting the stand and either powder coating or using bed liner. Witch one do you think would stand up better?
  5. I was wondering how much rock you had and how much you wanted for it?
  6. stephanie

    Soft Corals, 2 rose bubble tips

    Please close thread all pieces gone.
  7. One large Toad Stool Leather about 7" on a good size rock with Xenia and Palys. $35 Medium Rose Bubble Tips $30 Medium size rock with red Clove polyp and Xenia. $20 I am located in Central Oregon.
  8. stephanie

    WTS Sell 2 Rainbow Nems

    Not heading to Bend are you? =)
  9. stephanie

    Tank shutdown sale 210 gallon

    Are you selling the calcium reactor on it's own? I would also be interested in a couple of frags.
  10. stephanie

    Xenia and Blue clove. Thoughts? =(

    I also have red clove witch is much less invasive and much prettier than the blue clove, but Vancouver is quite a drive. =)
  11. stephanie

    Xenia and Blue clove. Thoughts? =(

    I have thought of that, but everything in my tank is quarantined so the rock would have to be with the star fish for 72 days. I'm wondering if I manually plucked the Xenia and scrubbed the blue cloves would they come back after 10 days in black out condition? 30 days? I do have about 40lbs of clean rock cycling to put back into the tank.
  12. stephanie

    Xenia and Blue clove. Thoughts? =(

    I also have 1 clam
  13. My tank is over run with Xenia and blue Clove polyp. I am about to pull out all of my rock, pressure wash it and cycle it in the dark The rock with corals will stay in the tank for the treatment. While the rock is cycling I am going to treat the tank with fenzolbenol, (sp?) to kill any remaining Xenia or Blue clove. The tank is a 180 with three tangs, 2 clowns, several LPS', several SPS', 1 cleaner shrimp and a bunch of blue leg hermits and Astreia snails. What are your recommendations? How long does the rock need to stay in the dark so the Xenia and blue clove won't come back?