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  1. I’ve seen this in person and will say it is a great set up! Seller should note that the back AIO wall is warping like an S and the seal dividing the tank and rear sump has been broken along the bottom and it will need to be removed or resealed. Few scratches here and there on the front. Again a sweet tank but these are small things that anyone traveling from afar should know before traveling. Not trying to knock the post just passing along good info so nobody is disappointed🤘🏼
  2. Welp my Sony camera crashed on me really need this sold before Black Friday deals end...
  3. Manufactured 04/2019 Purchased 01/2020
  4. IM Lagoon 50 Pro IM APS Stand (Black) IM Mesh Lid w/Mightyjet Pump and Media Basket Neotherm Heater 3 Filter Socks Roma HOB Skimmer with MJ1200 pump JBJ ATO Ocean Revive 247T LED Live Rock Asking $1000
  5. I used a Vectra M1 on the E260 +sump and was able to upgrade it to my RSR350 with no issues. Totally silent and running on Mobius with my Mp40s and XR15 G4 Pros. Couldn’t be happier!
  6. Mad Mikes Tricolor from what I can tell sweet piece in my tank!
  7. IM Lagoon 50 Pro IM APS Stand IM mesh top CPR Roma Skimmer 3 tier Media basket Controllable return pump Neotherm heater 3 filter socks Ocean Revive 247T LED
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