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  1. After dosing for red bugs I need to regrow my pod population. Please message me with what you would like for a cup of them. Thanks.
  2. I’m guessing they are back in stock. Ordered 2 8oz and it wil be delivered March 3rd. thank you for the offer I got the milbemax bicyclebill and no red bugs in sight. Should have dr g before the need for a second dose. It was a nightmare because without the support of the board I would be waiting for dr g and watching my torts and twilight dragon die. I called every vet I could find and was told flat out no on most. Best I got was an appointment in 3 weeks, $150 new client charge, and no garuntee they would give it to me. it is a heart felt thank you to everyone w
  3. If anyone who purchased the blue stag sees this. The frags that had them came in after.
  4. No worries. If you are concerned, I ordered Dr. G's coral dip, and it should do the trick as well (same active ingredient). Happy to give you a little but doesn't arrive for 2 weeks and my torts are looking very stressed right now. You don't need to worry about the frags I gave you as the infected pieces didn't go in until after. Also, they didn't come from your hammers because those are still in QT. It was from 2 acros purchased from someone else.
  5. Thank you so much. Sent you a message. Once the tank is treated I would be happy to give you a frag of the pearlberry like wild colony I have.
  6. Problem is they can be all through the system and it won’t kill them all so it becomes a constant battle instead of just killing them all at once. bayer will just give me time to find interceptor.
  7. I may just pull all the acros and dip in Bayer first to see if I can kill them off.
  8. Thank you so much for the offer. I have 100+g of water volume will need more than one. Probably need for interceptor for dogs 50-100lbs and 3 pills total. It’s been a decade since I have had this problem and really not looking forward to the nightmare of killing all the pods. going to pull the cleaner shrimp tomorrow if I can.
  9. Does anyone have interceptor? I am happy to buy it off of you. I just noticed my Cali tort covered in them. The only thing added recently was some frags from a local person I’m guessing they hitched a ride even with my qt and medication some must have made it through to my display. The tort is on borrowed time and started to bleach today. Also if anyone knows of a vet that will understand what I’m doing without convincing please send me their info.
  10. Had this tank built by Envision and replaced the old tank 3 months ago. It's 128g custom shape. Corals are little unhappy after the power outages and losing my light because of equipment failure. the lobo in there is about 12” thick and the Duncan colony is 14” last time i checked. I had both for 6 years. Started with 3 heads of Duncan and lobo was the size of a baseball
  11. junior

    Coral ID, any ideas?

    Thanks. Been at it for 20 years. Usually avoid wilds for that very reason, but thought I would give the coral chance since it wasn't going to make it at the store and the price was. Wouldn't ever try to sell something using those names as I always forget what crazy name they have as soon as they are in my tank lol.
  12. junior

    Coral ID, any ideas?

    That looks dead on. Very similar if not the same, but I was told its a wild so most likely not from the same mother colony. Thanks all.
  13. I've had this acro for a few years now. It's become one of my favorites and I don't see it anywhere. I got it from one of the local stores as a brown wild small colony that probably wasn't going to make it. It wasn't happy in there and was starting to bleach. After a few months it started to get a nice pastel green color, but after adding more light it developed blue tips. It grows in a table like fashion but doesn't fuse like a table acro. I'm just wondering if anyone had any idea out of curiousity. I may start fragging it soon and thought it better to have an idea of what it is, because
  14. Selling my opening brain. I've had it in my tank for about 4-5 years. It's about 4-5" closed and 6-7 open. I usually hand feed once a week after lights off. Looking to free up some space. Camera's not great so tough to get house bright it is. Asking $75 obo
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