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  1. Lots of 50 lagoons out there!
  2. Welp my Sony camera crashed on me really need this sold before Black Friday deals end...
  3. Manufactured 04/2019 Purchased 01/2020
  4. IM Lagoon 50 Pro IM APS Stand (Black) IM Mesh Lid w/Mightyjet Pump and Media Basket Neotherm Heater 3 Filter Socks Roma HOB Skimmer with MJ1200 pump JBJ ATO Ocean Revive 247T LED Live Rock Asking $1000
  5. I used a Vectra M1 on the E260 +sump and was able to upgrade it to my RSR350 with no issues. Totally silent and running on Mobius with my Mp40s and XR15 G4 Pros. Couldn’t be happier!
  6. Mad Mikes Tricolor from what I can tell sweet piece in my tank!
  7. IM Lagoon 50 Pro IM APS Stand IM mesh top CPR Roma Skimmer 3 tier Media basket Controllable return pump Neotherm heater 3 filter socks Ocean Revive 247T LED
  8. For 1 Customer service at Ai we’re pretty adamant that he should not be selling them that high and launched the investigation
  9. If anyone wants a screaming deal for a Nero 5 world of wet pets has them for $330 each 🤣and I spoke with the owner directly after contracting AI in regards to map pricing and though an internal investigation has been launched they still refuse to price at map or near. Eric was extremely rude and so if anyone any one wants to go And have fun with that they’re taking calls😭😂
  10. 4” wide asking $200
  11. Wasn’t this from the Kennethtropicals close out?
  12. I helped a friend break down their tank due to a out of state move. Looking to trade my haul for Hammers and torches or $ of course green galaxea Two massive green mushrooms like fist size 10-15 head Red blastos Small green nepthea Pipe organ softie Black widow anemone 2 rock nems 1 hairy mushroom Large Carpet Anemone Blue/white alveapora
  13. Works great and has legs 3 out of 4 moonlights work Retails $365 Asking $50 or trade for torch/gold hammer
  14. ISO large heads of Aussie Gold and Indo Gold. Pdxmonkeyboy is hooking it up with the Dragon Soul 🤘🏼
  15. $400 firm 14 months old Light Mount Diffuser Can ship
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