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  1. Just snagged one, too good of a deal to pass up. Thanks for posting this!!!
  2. 40% off on Kessil a360x
  3. Fans, you’d be blown away (intended) by how well they work. I had a dollar store clip on fan on my 80 gallon that kept my tank (FW with temp sensitive shrimp) at 76 when it was 86 in the house and 117 outside on Sunday.
  4. S.P.S. = Stability Promotes Success
  5. That tank would be easy to cut down into a nice frag tank!
  6. xmas_one

    Sad Day

    Losing a dog is the worst, try to remember all the good times.
  7. Use the two holes already there and do a Herbie. Drill up high on the back pane in the box for the return. You can probably actually reuse the returns that it came with so the weir teeth will still work and cover those two big U shaped holes in the weir.
  8. Here’s the best shot I got from my backyard in Albany with an x100s. Got lucky and caught a little shooting star!
  9. I’d suggest just running the blues with the “good” driver. If it’s just for a frag tank, whatever, right?
  10. You’re not gonna want to hear this, but fixing that light is not going to be worth the time/money. Maybe if you find another broken one and swap out the bad driver. Are both channels out, or just the one?
  11. There’s likely a meanwell that you could use. What fixture is this from and what do the inputs/outputs look like? @danlu_gt
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