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Found 25 results

  1. Hi everyone, My name is Shane. I'm setting up my first reef in a 20g long. I'm hoping it'll bring long-term enjoyment while I wait for my university to reopen. I am looking for a few materials for setting up. Let me know if you have anything, especially if you are located near or around Portland, Beaverton, or Hillsboro. Light - Looking for a budget (ideally LED) system that's output is largely blue. 10lbs of dry rock - I'm willing to try wet/damp live rock options if it's less than 4-5$ a pound Aragonite sand (ideally still new and in packaging) Refractomete
  2. Currently have 3 reefcorner 180p lights 2 work good 1 half the lights blue channel is out and needs a diode replaced. I have ran them for a quite a while but recently changed lights and do not need them. They are 180 watt fully programmable on the face plate with timers and dimmers built in. They ramp up and down on the intensity based on your settings you put in. 3 channels (night, whites, blues) and each channel has 6 set points. $100 obo
  3. 29g Tank and lid: 10 bucks Small 75w heater: free Macro hob m-50 skimmer: 30 bucks Hiparigro led: 30 bucks Pic was when tank was running. Broken down and onto a new one.
  4. I have a lightly used Marineland led light. It is for a 48-60inch long tank. 10.000 k. You can add more led pods to this , there are 30 white 100 k led pods with 4 leds on each pod. There are 6 moonlight pods and you can add up to 12 more pods. Was used for 5 months.works very good. There are optional timers that can be purchased ( in-line). Asking $60 obo. Brush Prairie.
  5. I upgraded my Nano Cube to a Clearview top with AI Prime lighting and no longer need the stock LED lid for it. The lid is average used condition. All the lights work, but a few aren't as bright as they were when brand new I'm sure. I considered using the lid to make a custom housing for my AI Prime, but am not comfortable having my Prime in a plastic box inches above the water. Too bright. Also, I feel bad dismantling the lid as it is an upgraded LED lid to begin with and it probably $200-300 new. Can't find the exact replacement online currently as the newer models are wifi and cost $33
  6. So I'm planning on using a bluefish mini WiFi controller with the mean well ldd-h drivers for my 180 build. The highest amperage driver they have is a 1500mA one. And I'd need more like 4500mA for the Royal blue channel alone. So my main question is, can you run more than one ldd-h driver off of one pwm channel signal so I can get a total of 4500mA, the outputs of the drivers won't be connected in anyway. I tried to draw a basic of what I want to do.
  7. So I've never bought lighting before, I've always just made it myself but I'd like to try something different. Id like to stay with all led, maybe with some added t5 if someone convinces me lol. I wouldn't need a ton of features, just timing and adjustment of color and intensity. Also more budget friendly but not cheap, if that makes sense at all. I would be having both sps and clams at the bottom of the tank as well. The tanks dimensions are 6'x24.5"x24. Any input would be super helpful plus if anyone has any lighting for sale, I'd be interested in that as Well. Thanks!
  8. Turnkey system. Good condition. Just add water... and some rock and substrate... Complete with Aquatic Life skimmer, Eheim return pump, Tunze powerhead for flow, cooling fan, 165 watt LED light, and heater. Easily $500 plus new, but it’s no longer new. Everything works, name brand stuff, less than 40% of new. $190 takes it all. Available afternoons this weekend. Call or text questions to 503-381-4026. Mark@mtkmeyer.com Thanks for looking. mark
  9. Does anyone know how to repair lights? I have a programmable led I have had for a few years and it looks like the channel for the blue lights went out. Last time this happened with one of my other lights the maker repaired it, but since then he has liquidated the company and doesn’t work on them anymore. Wanting to see if anyone on here knows how to diagnose and work on lights that may be able to work on them depending on the cost, that way I can have my light as a backup (had to put my backup on the tank).
  10. Easy soft corals and fish. I want 24 hr light programmability on the unit (or attached/controller etc.). I want all the colors. Need it for 65g 36" tank. $100 max budget.
  11. I need a Full Spec LED light fixture and want to get something programmable or 2 channel day/night. I'm looking for an OR T247 or a 20" Current Orbit If you have either, or something comparable please let me know what you got! thanks
  12. ReeFi website is online: http://www.reefi-lab.com Pendant Style Reef LED with Built-in WiFi One time WiFi setup to connect to your home WiFi Auto sync time/date with google Auto calculate moon phase Auto restore programming after power outage Control/program single LED unit or group multiple LED units together Firmware can be updated wireless when new features are added 150W max power 50 3W Cree LEDs 500+ PAR at full power at 18"-20" below water surface Intensity dimmable over 1000 steps 36"x36" spread 24" below water surfac
  13. looking for a light to put over my mixed reef 40b. so seeing whats laying around that might be willing to part with. thanks for reading frank
  14. looking for a light to put over my mixed reef 40b. so seeing whats laying around that might be willing to part with. thanks for reading frank
  15. Kessil A360W Tuna Blue E series Reef Aquarium LED for sale. This includes the link cable, Apex cable, and Kessil gooseneck. Light is about two years old.
  16. I have two Kessil A360W Tuna Blue E series Reef Aquarium LEDs for sale. This includes the link cable, Apex cable, and Kessil goosenecks. One light is about 2 years old and the other is about a year. These have been run through an Apex controller and maxed at 75% for about 8 hours a day. Over $900 new.
  17. I have 2 Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue LED lights for sale. Includes 2 goosenecks, interconnect cable, and Apex connection cable. One has been used for about 18 months and the other for just under a year. They work great! I am upgrading to a hybrid fixture. Asking $550.
  18. Dual 400 Watt Metal Halide Ballast w/cords Pictures: http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/pet/5456836299.html Ballast is in good used condition with a few paint chips/scratches. It does power on. Makes a slight humming/buzzing sound when on. I believe this is normal for most MH Ballasts. It has a date of Nov. 05 on back label. I assume this is the manufacture date. I bought this new but can't recall the date of purchase. It has been kept in dry storage for several years. Ballast was used in aquarium application. The cords are in ok shape - could use a little cleaning on the prong plugs.
  19. I'm tearing down one of my planted tanks and figured that the Planted + would make a good refugium light for those that have tons of macro algae. This is the one with moonlights but not the new one with the remote. I've had it ~10 months thus far. asking $75, please message me here if interested. thanks!
  20. Downsized my tank and have this LED set up we built ourselves. Meanwell drivers, Cree LEDs, and dimmer. Everything was working when we took it apart. Paid over $500 for all this originally. Asking for $100 (not including shipping costs) but will consider offers. Better someone else uses it than having it sit in my attic for the next 10 years!
  21. I bought this sweet tank from R-3 on the forum a few months ago with plans to upgrade to it but I am going to go bigger when I do upgrade. This is a beautiful set up. It is cleaned and stored safely in my shed wrapped in plastic. It's a 34 G Red sea max. Ryan modified it to have an open top and the cover goes over the back area. It's a nice clean set up. I am keeping some of the items from when I bought it from him. 34G Red Sea Max and stand with intank media basket - $200 ( I dont' have a picture as it is cleaned and covered for protection in the shed) H
  22. I grow tired of generalized blanket statements in regards to lighting technologies around here. What should be a learning experience for all has turned into a fool’s errand where not enough information is presented in the attempt to mislead in the name of sales numbers. So, to be helpful, I will do my best to explain some very important aspects of lighting specific to corals/fish. My hope is that this will present a baseline of understanding from which we can all increase our knowledge of how we can best care for our small oceans in a box. If this isn't for you, feel free to learn the f
  23. Im looking at setting up my older 30 gal biocube and wanting to kinda stay cheap on the lights, does anyone know of a cheaper LED light that has legs that would be able to go over the tank? It currently has a metal hailide that i do not want to be using, and im trying to stay cheaper on this.
  24. I have developed a good relationship with Chinese LED manufacturer. They make very high quality lights that have been proven to grow coral well, and are built very well. I have been in discussions with them regarding becoming a distributor here in the US. My question to you all is this: If you could purchase and LED light direct from manufacturer for, let's say $110, including shipping, would you be willing to pay more for that same light if you could purchase it locally, with a return/exchange policy that did not require shipping back to China. If the local distributor could swap faulty u
  25. I'm selling my whole setup. I'll sell the whole thing for $700 dollars obo; it includes: - 60 gallon tank with stand and cleaning magnet and ecoplus pump 264 GPH. ($140 obo if sold separately). - 5 gallon acrylic sump with refuge space ($100 obo if sold separately). - 120 W LED light ($300 obo if sold separately). - Hammerhead Coral $15 dollars a head ($220 obo if you take the whole thing; it's got 20+ heads). - Live Rock ($80 obo if sold separately). - Sand bed ($40 obo if sold separately). - 2 Clown Fish ($8 each). - Skunk Cleaning shrimp ($20 obo if sold separately). - Hallow
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