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  1. I've got some E-Marco, free to a good home! Happy to take any frags off your hands lol...
  2. I didn't think the small square hole that I left open would be so attractive, but I lost a pintail fairy wrasse and a female clown after they jumped and I never noticed. I now have a solo male clown...how do I introduce more/new clowns? Should I?
  3. I've also got two available if anyone is interested, one set of wheels
  4. Anyone have some chaeto or other macros to share? My last ball died off and I'm ready to try again to see if something will grow.
  5. Belated update! I'm so glad I started this project before quarantine, it's been great to have a project to focus on. The most recent livestock additions are a blue hippo and a purple tang. I tried to add a harem of lyretail anthias, but only one female made it through QT (the rest got uronema) Both the fish and the coral QTs are empty!! Time to go pick something up...I was thinking I'd add a Bella Goby, some kind of Blenny, and a harem of Lyretail Anthias if I can find some... Any thoughts? Also hoping for some Apex debugging tips (@suncrestreef?) - my return
  6. The BRS heaters are junk, mine were also allowing 2+deg swings when the hysteresis was set to 0.3 I've been super happy with these cheap ones. rock solid, very precise, excellent hysteresis. I've been using 2 for 6+ months. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KEYDNKK
  7. Ouch! If you're not using an Apex, at least use something like this to cut the heater power if the temp gets that high https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/smart-temp-security-autoaqua.html
  8. I'd probably mark a number or a color on the bottom foam so it's hidden while the pump is in use, then just keep a journal of events/wetside#. Mark a number in sharpie, white-out pen, nail polish...I'm sure something would work well. Hell, you could even cut a small notch on the bottom foam as an indicator...# of cut lines? Storing coupled to each other with a piece of cardboard is a fine idea. I kept the box/bubble wrap from my wet side and store my spare in that.
  9. Do you still have any available? I'd love to pick one up!
  10. All spoken for, thanks everyone! At the moment no, in the future probably.
  11. Shoot me a PM so we can coordinate a pickup
  12. I'm sure we all made mistakes early in our hobby - hopefully mine is salvageable! I ordered a discount 6-pack of softies from LiveAquaria.com, and the only thing I actually want to add to my tank is the zoa frag...oops. From the sale page Here's what showed up...really not sure of the IDs, but best guess: (I'll keep the zoa) - 2 kinds of pulsing Xenia - Green star polyp? Maybe Starburst polyps? - Green clove polyp? maybe Organpipe? - Cespitularia Totally my mistake, and hoping to avoid having to dispose of any of these - happy to give them aw
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