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  1. Good news! Power has been back for a few hours now and the fish i had moved into a hospital tank are actually showing signs of hope. The loss is not as big as I initially assumed and corals are opening up again! Biggest scare thus far. No doubt that I’ll be getting a generator soon.
  2. I wish I could have moved my livestock but I was stuck in my home due to the snow & ice, fallen trees, and power lines. Really was the worst case scenario for me. I would have been at C&C in a heartbeat if i could make it. I wasn’t able to access this forum or else I would have reached out.
  3. Thank you, I appreciate the feedback:’)
  4. Wow, never have experienced so much loss in my tank. I am kinda shocked at the amount of livestock I just removed. Moving forward I am interested in what tips or tricks yall have for the next outage. I tried blowing air into the water with a tube, created water movement via waterfalling tank water, and covering tank with blankets to keep warm. I'm gonna look into getting a back up power source for my mostly coral tank in the future. Sad day here in SE Portland.
  5. Sadly nipping at zoas that I just introduced. Has been a great tank mate to my clowns, cardinals, and wrasse.
  6. Selling for $40 / Obo Stunning fish that sadly doesn’t work well in my aquarium.
  7. I’ve got a Lemonpeel angelfish that’s been nipping at only certain zoas and Kenya tree corals. It’s started with glove polyps and at first I saw it only going for the algae, but now the zoas are now starting to shrink a lot. Might need to rehome this fish because I’m a bigger fan of corals than fish. Tank :REDSEA 250
  8. I’d love to buy a pack if you are still selling.
  9. Hello, are you still selling gorgonians rum fella?
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