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  1. Thanks Blue Z I have some experience in here and met a few people back when I was on here before but I fell off the radar during all my life changes. People on here have always been amazing and I have always enjoy their knowledge and just seeing other people's systems! I'm going to try and be a bit more active on the forum as I've never been a social butterfly online but I dislike facebook so I'm going to try and be here rather then on that dumpster fire of a site! I like it here, it's calming lol I generally went to areas around PDX and Vancouver to get things in the past as did I for th
  2. I always debate the flow rate but I do like things to get pounded a bit! These are the biggest fish I've ever kept in my reef tank as they came with the setup, I like them but a few will have to go in time as I like smaller rock dwelling fish more. Unfortunately they other half likes a few of them so I'll have to bend a bit!
  3. I ended up abruptly leaving saltwater almost 6 years ago after being away for a few days and coming home to a half hypoxic tank from my main pump dying on me. I would have jumped back in but a divorce followed (in a good way). I jumped back in full throttle with a 150gal with a 30 gallon sump and am in the process of connecting a 50gal tall as a display refugium. As you can see in the photos the refugium is super new it has extra filtration on it to get rid of sediments as I don't want to connect the overflow to my main system till I have macros and some life in it besides some live rock and
  4. I'm looking to buy "well" cheato a nice size chunk that will expand in the water to at least 5x8 or so. In the Albany/corvallis or surrounding area. Figure I will ask here before heading to ebay as I prefer supporting locals first if I can. shoot me a PM if you have some. Thank you =)
  5. I have an old original bio cube 28 stand that I could give you if you would like and It's black. Mine leaked and I got rid of the cube and your more than welcome to it. I'm in Albany as well.
  6. I had them so I tried them they love'em and they aren't dead so I guess they must be safe lol
  7. I put a stealhead egg in each polyp they love them as do many of my corals and anemone and the fish of course but my skimmer goes nuts too lol.
  8. Hit up habitat for humanity restore they have some cheap paint and stain depending on who donated what. Its a good place to look before buying retail the worst to happen is they don't have it. =) and always check home Depots clearance section they always have some miss color paints for cheap as dirt. I have some blueish grey exterior paint you could have for free ( i used it to paint a trailer last fall) I'm not sure where you are. I will be up in pdx on Saturday and I could bring it if you want.
  9. $%!# I wish I had a wall and the $$$ to play with that pool.
  10. I don't know exactly what's going on to be honest but I like the forum and maybe I missed a lot of the bad things that happened as I'm pretty new to this. I have met some amazing people on here and the last few days have seemed more like an MTV reality show than a reef keeping forum but to be honest I'm on dendroboard and this forum is beyond calm compared to that in my opinion. I'm glad there is people that volunteer and when I'm more financially stable I will become a paid member but you can't pay for all the forums, but I support the companies that are sponsors so in some respect my money
  11. Hey guys, it's just a suggestion but let's just say you both agree to disagree and you both feel strongly in your opinions. I think you are both man enough to shrug this off and let this post get back to where it was intended. Super Big [emoji1] . I am sorry to hear about your shipment that sucks. Let's just be glad they have a warranty and smile that we live in the now wonderful dry warm northwest lol. I wish you the best. [emoji1]
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