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I'm new to the site. Was recommended by Cuttlefish and Coral. Have a Red Sea nano max. Up for little over a year. Having issues with melting zoas, dosing c is not helping. But have a few sps that are growing slowly. Alk keeps dropping low. Have 2 Wyoming white clowns that are paired that I started with, a mean tailspot blenny, watchman goby, possum wrasse that eats everything and a ton of snails and crabs. 




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Manual dosing vitamin c, it's by weight from the huge vitamin c thread on one of the reef sites. Split into 2 doses. I've been adding 2ml of red Sea all buffer twice a day for almost a week. Using no3po4x at .5 ml daily. Microbacter7 one drop daily. Last I checked alk it was 5.9 dkh, that was before dosing. Will check again tonight. Use reef crystals from a local store at 1.025 salinity. Fresh salt from them is about 7.2-7.6 dkh. My tank parameters as follows from last week. Nitrite 0, nitrate about 12, ammonia 0, po4 about .12, cal 440, mag 1480, alk 5.9. I'm using Dan's reef v7 adjusted down a bit for light schedule on two ai primeHD lights with a 50 acclimation for 3 months 

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And I leave two nearby windows open 24/7 for some fresh air to clear built up co2 and have blackout shades on one window to prevent excess sunlight in tank room. Also have a few sticks of ecoBAKez media in a filter sock in sump, you can see it in one pic. I use fine 100 micron socks changed about 3x a week

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I thought Reef Crystals mixed up a lot higher than that. Any chance the test kit is off? Have you taken a sample in to the store to see if you can get the same reading they do?

This site says 13 dkh. There is a good thread somewhere on Reef2Reef where people compare parameters of salt mix over time.

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