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Fellow reefer who needs our help


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One of our local brethren (or is it sisteren) needs our help. I saw Hollys ( Gil&Fin) pic over at Reef2Reef in the new photo of the month contest




And I think it's only fitting to post about it-It would be very cool and nice for all you terrifically awesome people ( and even you dirt bags- :) )could check it out and vote if you feel compelled




On that note of votes, I owe a frag pack and will do a drawing- sadly there have been a few life changers pop up that have had me not very involved- Im sure in the month(s) to come things will better-I won't wait that long to do my pack but it'll be 3 weeks easy.



Now let's show Reef2Reef how the PNWMAS crowd take care of there own :clap:


Thanks for looking

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Ahhhh all the love going to holly but no love for randy and his Pom poms lol

Great pics to the both of you!

Oops -didn't see Randy's pic, would help it if people knew he won already :)


I'll add a frag in my pack in Randy's name

My pack will be;

tyree red dragon

Tyree blue matrix

Mattv Super Sour

And I'll add a frag of Oregon Tort if we push Holly into the winners circle

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Holy moly!  I'm so excited!  Thank you to all of my peeps.  This is really cool. 




Congratulations! It was pretty close but this last push (thanks to Brad) put you over the top! Really is a great picture and definitely POTM worthy! Reminds me of being wrapped up in a blanket in a cold winter day.

 Randy's your picture was great too but clownfish are just hard to resist!

Nice to have PNWMAS represent again in a national forum!



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Thank you all who said nice things about my pic. It was an old one and a bit out of focus. To tell the truth, I voted for Holly's pic, not my own. 

I'm glad we've had at least 4 Reef2Reef POTM winners from PNWMAS now. 


Brad, Me, The Clark, and now Holly.

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