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  1. It's a bro thing, you either got it or you don't
  2. Thanks for the fast reply- Ill check out that tutorial, I have that one bookmarked- I tty to bookmark your apex threads, its been awhile since Ive had to set up "new" commands. I need to clean up a lot of "outlets" on my own system, at my equipment peak I was running 8 energy bars for all my equipment but those days are not here anymore- Someday again but not presently. Ive actually considered the easiest path is delete all modules and start fresh, I'm down to 5 energy bars and 3 apex units LOL (my old Apex Jr doesn't count. Starting to ramble on again. Than
  3. Circling back on this. I picked up the TDO A thru C and have been feeding the fish (they still look like larvae to me) but I try to feed in the am and at night when I get home. Im going to start marking my calendar to help trace the females egg laying pattern since its become a ritual for her to throw eggs. I just started this and last time she laid eggs Feb 23rd , they've all hatched as of 3 days ago or so and I can tell she's ready to lay them again, my guess is tonight or tomorrow. This has been going on for some time and my overflow box ( which is about 13+ gallons 48"*8"*
  4. I want the feeder to feed a tank 2x a day with a single rotation (noon and 6pm) but prior to it feeding i want to turn off the return pump and a few other devises-the latter I can handle but want to check to see if the following sounds correct Under feeder config First feeding 12:00 Drum rotation 1 Feedings per day 2 Repeat interval 360 Seems correct but its not my tank so i wont be there to see if that produces what I want. Any help is appreciated TIA
  5. Spongodes will be your next planned victim I'd venture to guess. Friends don't let friends add certain corals, your friends are not keeping up 😇
  6. Thank you for the information/help. I can't find anything on "TDO" but I'll dig a little deeper than a few google searches. What larvae I have are in my overflow box that's roughly 4 feet long and holds about 16 gallons. Its only them in there. Maybe I get lucky and find the TDO stuff and some rotifers locally. I'm not feeling overly optimistic but it's worth a shot, I think I mentioned not having the ability to take on all that's been outlined. Thanks again for the help/time posting
  7. Ive a pair of clowns that have been quite busy. The female has been laying eggs about every 14 days and has been for the last few months. Im not in a position to set up a "clown breeding" system but also dont want to just watch the larvae waste away if I can help it. Ive noticed about 50-100 larvae darting around my overflow box which is 48x12x8-so they have room to move around. I add this to my tank regularly https://www.brineshrimpdirect.com/nannochloropsis-algae-paste-greenwater-125-ml and suspect they are eating the algae as from what I can tell is that's what they f
  8. My vote can be bought plus I've access to many accounts that are no longer into reefing or moved out of state/died. Jdog is that Orange passion or the tennis to the left for sale? Congrats to you both- nice work
  9. I have a couple of mag floats you can have maybe glue two together and hope Good luck with your quest Pay to play my friend - pay to play 😝
  10. To follow up LOL Get any skimmer that's a cone and add a bubble blaster either 3k or 5k depending on body size. Bulk reef had a great video comparing skimmers but again it all comes down to pump and air they draw since basically every skimmer these days is just a cone Good luck on the search
  11. I'm more of the belief it's the pump that's the difference. How many skimmers do you see that are nearly the exact same body style FWIW I run an SWC come, same as reef octopus same as coral vue The difference is in the pump. The original pumped died about 4 years ago and I went with the bubble blaster 5000, coupled with my avast swabbie (neck cleaner) Never a short answer from me 😜
  12. I've got one I could sell for 350.00 😜 Better yet visit Mighty Magnets they're in Oregon- that's what I paid, it's for up to 1.25" thickness, floats and has a 4x6 pad Time to step up your game since you're in the big boy tank club 🤣
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