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  1. The SPS are, in my opinion just becoming photo worthy. Im retaking classes on how to take photos, what a rough road its been. Ill be flooding the forum(s) by months end hopefully Hope all is well!
  2. 2 years old used very little. I bought this for my QT system (~75 gallons) it did a great job keeping it cool when needed but configurations have changed and this is no longer needed. Its been cleaned and stored for the last couple years and with the heat coming maybe someone could use it. 300.00 text is best 971-295-0965 Located SE Port
  3. Just seeing if anybody local might have either of those two acros Speak up
  4. its an EL. I had initially looked under Outlets and didn't see anything, but after your post I started clicking around like I do LOL and found under the cog setting the option to show the delete column. Thanks for directing me to the right area!
  5. Is anyone aware of a way to remove old equipment that was assigned to the WXMs Over time Ive gotten rid of pieces of equipment and would like to remove them from my list of outlets, even though I can hide them I have a lot. After replacing 3 Apex units and migrating to a single unit until I can get a second (and 8 years of not practicing good housekeeping) I have a lot of clutter. Heres a screen shot of a few of what Im talking about, there are quite a few more. TIA
  6. I've been tasked with drilling a tank and was looking to see if any has diamond bits in 1.5" & 2.5" diameters that theyd loan. Possible frags available to show gratitude 😀
  7. If that was directed towards me I've not received anything-granted the message system here hasn't been working (for me at least). I did delet 7 years of messages, all 35 or so of them so it's not "your mailbox is full"
  8. I guess that message issue wasn't fixed. Feel free to text 971-295-0965 Thanks
  9. Pretty certain this should clean up and be fairly pristine. Im happy to clean it up but it'll drive up the cost 😜 Plan B is to cut it up and make frag trays
  10. I had this custom built for a certain "something" I had in mind and opted to go another direction. 36x24x22 Euro braced. Return hole (drilled 1.5") is upper left while drain (drilled 1.75") is right hand both are on the back wall. It's never seen sand or rock, just water and maybe set up for less than 2 weeks. Real great plan I had This has been sitting around for a few years and figured it's time to get rid of it. I don't believe it to have any scratches, it's been about 3 years since I had water in it. It's presently being housed at my LFS 100.00
  11. Probably an old ban LOL text me at 971-295-0965 I'm in SE Portland SE Stark/130th near David Douglas High School
  12. My tanks almost picture worthy. Thank you for the info, I did contact them.
  13. 50.00 Upgraded some frag tanks and this is no longer be used Dims 47"x20"x9.75" (external dims) 1/2 " front/back walls, and bottom. 3/4" sides with 3/8" euro brace. Side drilled for 1.5" bulkhead drain (on the side) Upper left back drilled for 1" bulkhead (as you look at the tank) with drain being on the right side. No leaks- buyer can buff any scratches or I can for an extra 250.00
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