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10 people wanting Vortechs?


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Mick was asking about my used Koralias and I told him I wouldnt bother, just get a Vortech and be done with it. I agree they are very pricey and thats usually the deciding factor.


The guy I got my second one from mentioned if he gets them 10 at a time he gets a huge break ( $80 cheaper not shipped on my MP40, he charged $10 for 2 day priority USPO)


Im going to call him for Mick on MP10 prices, I wonder if there are 10 people wanting these but just cant justify $190, who knows, they might only be $110in groups of 10 shipped. I can ask him about it if theres 10 interested parties. ( I tried calling him for Mick, I am guessing hes taking the holiday or Monday off)



I think it would be on a %age so figure what the mp40 cost reg and what % $80 is then take that % off the MP10. speculating that it's the same savings will disapoint the one's that wanted to get the MP10 for $110

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Be sure to find out if ecotech will warranty those pumps. There was someone selling MP40's on ebay a while back and there was warranty issues with the pump. Since they were not sold through an authorized distributor they would not cover the warranty.


Might be worth asking the seller about.

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Here is the scoop.....

"Are there serial numbers on the driver? Check on the left side of the driver box. If not, your serial number has been removed by the seller as a way to avoid being caught for breaking our MAP policy. It's a pretty slimey thing that a few sellers have done in the past. Unfortunately, technically you do not have a warranty without this serial number, however if you contact us and help us determine who this seller is we can work with you on that."


Just check out your new one and we will know.

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Im not sure and havent researched T5 pricing but Im also getting an Icecap 660 for $120, not sure if thats a good deal yet but supposedly they are $160. Im also getting some waterproof ends for $12 a pair. I dont need reflectors but supposedly they are cheap too.


The Bulbs are $20-$30 as well for 48", I didnt get the 24" or 36" pricing.


Not sure if these are good prices but a quick google said they were, if these are good prices and you have been looking for better prices on these lemme know


For T-5's? $20 to $30 for bulbs is average and so is the price of end caps, Bulk reef supply has them for cheaper. could ya get a price on the 48 inch reflectors? I know wholesale on them is like $13 from sunlight supply.

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