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  1. Thanks holly for the generous frags, drinks, and cookies. I haven’t seen a spectacle like that before. Fun meeting everyone as well.
  2. I have a Tahitian butterfly that ate all of mine quickly.
  3. Hey just getting my tank back going after a few years of letting it coast. I am maybe interested in the large acanthophyllia all the way on the right. Any way to text me another picture? I will for sure take a frag of each of the Pc rainbow, Oregon tort, Cali tort, and Miyagi tort , forest fire digi, and sunset month I’m sure I’ll want a few more things once I see them. Let me know when you’re free to stop by. Michael 614-378-3788
  4. He’s probably 3ft long and as wide as a softball. He’s a big boy. I’ve had him for 6 years at least
  5. I will try and figure out why it isn’t giving me messages. I just took pictures of one patch of the mushrooms so I have a couple rocks I can break up. I’m in inner Se portland. I will reply to those that have responded
  6. Everyone loves watching him eat. He swallows silversides whole. His teeth are like razor blades
  7. Have purple and green tongas for sale. $10 each. I have had for years but haven't seen in stores in a while. Also have nuclear sunset mushrooms for $10
  8. I will give preference to someone buying my old tank but I just want to give away to a good home and a decent sized tank. He is one of my favorite things in the tank but he's just too big and I am going to start adding more expensive fish and don't want to have to worry. He currently lives with a snowflake eel and shark. He has lived with fish in the past but if he isn't well fed fish have been known to disappear though I have never seen him eat one. He is beautiful and I have never seen another one for sale and definitely won't find one this size.
  9. Also have eel that I would include in sale
  10. Just upgraded tanks so looking to let this one go. $250 for the tank and stand. I have all the equipment to setup if someone wants to purchase that as well. Tank is acrylic. The dimensions are 6ft long x 30 inches tall x 24 inches front to back. Let me know if there are any questions.
  11. Bump $175. Just want to get this gone
  12. Sorry the tank and stand. Which is what I'm trying to move first before I start selling the components
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