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  1. I’ve ran just about every skimmer brand on the market. Recently I ran the nyos 220 and the reef octopus 200 elite on my reefer 525. Both are excellent skimmers. reef octopus was the best of the 2 as far as price, quality, performance and extras.... they were both dead silent. I loved the nyos220 but it was a little tricky to service. The elite 200 has a built in float switch which worked flawlessly. It also pulled the most skimmate comparatively. nothing compares to my old school euroreef rs250 with eheim 1262 though... it’s a beast but I wouldn’t run it in my living room
  2. I should have known that the powermodule would have been WAY more expensive...
  3. Peppermints only eat aptaisa when they’re hungry...
  4. Small army of peppermint shrimp(3+ in your case) and don’t feed anything for a week. feed fish heavily for a few days prior and if they’re healthy, they’ll be fine without food for a week.
  5. chewie

    Test Kits

    I’ve tested my salifert against my trident calibration fluid and all 3 (Ca alk and mg) are within range. been using salifert for 20+ years...
  6. Is that a carpet anemone on the right side of the tank? I have seen them eat fish much larger than 8”...
  7. Maybe connect to a pump or PMUP if you have one and run citric acid through it on a loop for an hour or so.
  8. Foxface, yellow eye Kole. Best algae control hands down.
  9. Can’t remember which type, but they’re snail eggs. Possibly nerite.
  10. I’d take Dana Riddles review over any other “reviewer” any day.... curious as to who the “ influential reef equipment reviewer” is. RB?
  11. Gotcha. My bad. Not a very helpful post. I blame it on the Jaeger. After using hard to turn ball valves for years, I will now only use these. They do cost more but are worth it in the long run. I have some that are 15+ years old and smooth as butter.
  12. If you need a wrench to open/ close your ballvalves, you’re using the wrong ballvalves...
  13. Make that 5... i have a spare set. Shoot me a PM.
  14. Parkrose hardware sells it. Never had an an issue with it. Just rinse well. I dispose of it around the perimeter of my house. 2 birds stoned...😬
  15. Soon as I’m done with my house I’ll raise another batch. Probably 3-6 months out until I have any fry.
  16. Finding replacements for those animals will be hard and expensive... I wouldn’t do it. If you do decide to do it, let me know. I would likely be interested in them.
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