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  1. Yes, several things. List updated, but let me know if there is something you are interested in. I got there same error message when I tried to message you! You can try my phone...Five 0 3 807-six two six 4
  2. I bought this from OXO when he took down his giant tank, but never put it in use. Comes with one 3 head pump feeder for your favorite chilled food. Water from return pump flowes through the refrigerator and the pumps add food to the display tank whenever you program them to do so. I thought it was a really clever way to program feeding frozen food. Measures about 18X18X26H, but youn will need room on the sides for the water connections. Paid $175. Will sell for $100 to get it out of my garrage. Ken
  3. RO unit is 4 years old. Filters are 2 years (have new) Has been lightly used for the last 2 years (coffee maker). Making 2 tds form over 100. Fritz Blue The Tunze scraper is metal, so glass only. The Hammerhead is felt, so either glass or acrylic.
  4. H&S Calcium Reactor (up to 300 gal), 20lb Al tank, Dual regulator with selinoid. $325 Protien Skimmers: Life Reef SVS3-36 8"cupW Mag 18 (new $800) $420 H&S Type A 300 2X1260 external recirculating (New $1,800). With neck cleaner! $300 (one pump is bad, will need some work) RODI: Spectrapure Mega Max Cap 5 staage 180gal/day (new $420) 50 gal water container. Auto start and stop for water makeup. $150. SOLD! ReefStar 55 LED. NEW, never used. $65 3) Metal Halide Lumatec Select-A-Watt (250-400) with great reflectors.. Make offer ($50?) Hammerhead algae scraper (new 70) $30 Tunze algae scraper (new (70) $30 Salt: Fritz Pro 200gal unopened. $30 Instant Ocean Reef Crystals. 100gal unopened, 35gal opened. $20 Coralife opened bucket (mostly full) FREE Mystery salt. Unopened bag 50gal??. $5 Located in Ridgefield WA.
  5. I have a couple skimmers up for sale. H&S Type A 300 2X1260. New these sell for $1,800. Has Swabbie neck cleaner.(170) One of the pumps need either new impeller, or replace pump? Asking $275 LifeReef SVS3-36 with Mag pump New, $800. Asking $425
  6. Tank stand. 68X36X40. Spa Flex 2". I have 3 pieces aboput 5 feet, and 3 about 3 feet. Kalkwasser reactor. Needs new pump. Zeovit. Also have 3L reactor More to follow. Located in Ridgefield, WA Ken
  7. Quick bump before I put things on National sites.
  8. Some pictures of the sump. Water enteres the loft side and goes across the back (skimmer, etc here), then to the right end and back across teh front and out through bulkhead. Frag tank available if you have room. Runs off the system so water teh same as tank.
  9. Brittany, I can take Apple Pay or Pay Pal Wet side magnet is totally destroyed and no parts available. Only option is new wet side for $157. These have the Quiet Drive upgrade which made a huge improvement. I can take photos of sump. Is there anything in particular you want to see? Ken
  10. Available, although someone else wanted me to ship.
  11. OK, that was easy. Let me know if there is anything you want a picture of. Anyone into Zoevit??? Have some blue bottles......
  12. Not sure how to post here. If you give me your number I can attach a photo to a message.
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