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  1. I’ve ran just about every skimmer brand on the market. Recently I ran the nyos 220 and the reef octopus 200 elite on my reefer 525. Both are excellent skimmers. reef octopus was the best of the 2 as far as price, quality, performance and extras.... they were both dead silent. I loved the nyos220 but it was a little tricky to service. The elite 200 has a built in float switch which worked flawlessly. It also pulled the most skimmate comparatively. nothing compares to my old school euroreef rs250 with eheim 1262 though... it’s a beast but I wouldn’t run it in my living room
  2. I should have known that the powermodule would have been WAY more expensive...
  3. Peppermints only eat aptaisa when they’re hungry...
  4. Small army of peppermint shrimp(3+ in your case) and don’t feed anything for a week. feed fish heavily for a few days prior and if they’re healthy, they’ll be fine without food for a week.
  5. chewie

    Test Kits

    I’ve tested my salifert against my trident calibration fluid and all 3 (Ca alk and mg) are within range. been using salifert for 20+ years...
  6. Is that a carpet anemone on the right side of the tank? I have seen them eat fish much larger than 8”...
  7. Maybe connect to a pump or PMUP if you have one and run citric acid through it on a loop for an hour or so.
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