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  1. Just received my receipt for my order placed at beginning of Aug. No shipping info tho. Hopefully that means they have stock to fill orders.
  2. I run a just a standard regulator with a solenoid that cuts off co2 based on ph. I use a versa for the effluent control. I to debated adding a carbondoser at first but I have had zero issues with the regulator other then the solenoid getting stuck in the closed position the first day I had it. Only thing I would change is swap the versa for a komra. The versa has gotten loud as I have had to increase effluent as consumption has increased.
  3. I placed an order with hanna at the beginning of the August and received an email saying they expect to ship on 9/5. Kind of an odd date being a Sunday, I guess we will see.
  4. My last tank I had up and running for several years. With exception of monti caps and one birds nest, all sps I would add would survive for 2-3 months. They would hold colors decent, but no growth or PE. At the 2-3 month mark they would either RTN or STN. Upgraded to a new tank and have had great success with sticks. Was never able to figure out the direct cause, but do have a few theories.
  5. Tank is clear of aptasia, need to find some nudis for sump and overflow so they dont spread again. Cant wait to come see your reef.
  6. I love my hannah PPM checker, I believe it is the ULR checker. I dont want to have to convert numbers. Hannah is also the easiest for testing PO4 in my opinion.
  7. Watched that last night, really good video. I think he puts out some of the best content.
  8. My rock leaves no where for them to hide during the day, all artificial branch. I wish I could use them, they seem to be the best option. They also seem likely to be expensive snacks 🤣 My red coris is a terror, he flips a few smaller rocks that I have added to isolate zoas and such. I added a peppermint a few months ago, was killed within 10 min of the red coris waking up the next day. He has also wiped out 2 conches within a day or two of adding them. For some reason he does not go after my turbo snails 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. I may be interested, I did have somebody message me earlier that has one. Of it falls through I will let you know. If you have had yours for 2 years and he doesn’t eat coral you have a gem.
  10. I have several wrasses which limit my options. I will say in a little 10 gallon I have that a peppermint shrimp did great, he will be moved to the sump of the big tank.
  11. Hoping to find one that has proven to be a somewhat model citizen that does not go after coral. May have to roll the dice on one tho.
  12. Does anyone have an aiptasia eating filefish that has served their duty and ready to move on to another tank? Had a huge aiptasia outbreak while beating dinos.
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