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  1. Please close, tank and all equipment sold.
  2. Still available, person was suppose to come by today but haven’t heard from them in a few days now.
  3. Please close, everything has been sold/ claimed.
  4. Tang is gone, please close
  5. Hi all so breaking down my tank and only fish I have left is a Tomini Tang - $40. pick up in Scappoose,
  6. Right now it’s pending pickup, if they back out I’ll let you know. Dimensions are 6’x2’x2’ glass tank i believe returns are either 1/2 or 3/4, bulkheads going to the sump are 1 or 1.5 (again I have to double check). There are 2 of each. will your wife be happy, that I cannot answer haha when it’s all clean and everything it can look great but you will spend a lot of time with the tank so toss up.
  7. Yes, the hood I made and went a little too long so it could be improved on but it has been being used since July with no issues. i attached a pic and it’s like that on both sides. The stand is the typical black pinewood stand with some cosmetic damage (thanks to a dang cat).
  8. What type of anemone is it? Usually only carpet or condy (atleast in my experience) will eat clowns, and carpets I dont hear of them doing it that often.
  9. Hi All, So I am getting out of the hobby and am about to start selling my equipment. Right now I am trying to sell it as a whole because I don't want to be left with odds and ends of random equipment, here is all I have. -180 gallon tank -30 (maybe 40) gallon sump --Apex brs special addition (Temp probe, Water level, pH) -Trident + 6 MO reagent un used -Neptune dosing container (3 slots 1500 ml each) -jeabo dosing pump -Hydro ATO -3x app controlled relassy light - did good for me growing SPS,LPS, and softies (might even have a spare somewhere) -Aqua Max Calcium reactor + 10lb CO2 tank (Might be a 20 have to double check) -Coralview 6x twist UV sterilizer (I should have some extra bulbs around here somewhere for it) -Bubble Magnus Curve 7 Protein skimmer -2x Maxspect gyre xf250's -Miscolanious dry goods and some fragging materials ~100 lbs of rock (might be more might be a little less I dont remember how much I have since its been a long time since I bought any). ~ 120 lbs of live sand (very fine) - 2x TLF phosban 150 reactors. - 4 Stage RODI system with 150 gpd add on and new bag of DI resin I am sure Im missing something. I am asking $1500 OBO and am located in Scappoose. I will help load (and if not to far away I can even come and help unload).
  10. Yes Paypal works, when would you like to come by?
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