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  1. I love this forum because I learn something new every time I log on and I appreciate all the help I’ve gotten from members. Only had my tank and been in the hobby about two years without any prior knowledge. Moving across the country with my little clown, Nemo, was tough but I believe thanks to this forum the inhabitants, including Nemo’s boyfriend, Baby Neem, are thriving! I will have to nominate @pdxmonkeyboy as a co- winner, never met but i like the insight shared on posts.
  2. Hey half 👩‍🚀 any chance you have a pic of the 69gal and dimensions? How big of a tank are you building?? Would love to someday get into building but don’t have the time or knowledge yet!
  3. I don’t know how to detach but those are cool mushrooms!
  4. Hey! I’m sorry, I’m trying to be more active but often miss posts. I have a couple of smaller ones I thought were rose, I did some research and I’m thinking they might be actually be rainbow BTA. I have a couple of them that are 2”, does $30 a piece seem reasonable? I have a the 4ish”(maybe slightly larger when “blooming”) black widow BTA I would like to sell for $100. Ive never sold anything from my tank so I’m not sure how to figure out how much thing are worth (other than Google and the prices seem outrageously high)
  5. Looking to downsize from my 100 gal, it’s a bit too large for my space. Ideally would like a 60-75 tank and less than 4’ wide. Would need tank and stand, I think I could use the pump and sump I currently have (depending on sizing?).
  6. Still searching? My black widow bta just split yesterday and I have some rose tip bta. Lmk if you’re interested, I am out of town next week m-f but could meet up this weekend.
  7. Interested! Pm-Ing you my number
  8. Thank you!! We’re you feeding using metal tongs? Trying to figure out the best tool. Right now I have short wooden ones, I am wondering if it is still scared of me/ seeing my hand in the tank. I noticed at the store today they were feeding an eel with long metal tongs. I’m going to give the shrimp a try as well. Thank you, much appreciated!
  9. That’s so awesome! Congrats!
  10. I’ve done that... I just threw it in the freezer and I’m just about finished with the bag. I have heard no complaints from the tank yet 🤷‍♀️
  11. Thanks! Sweet, I have some dried shrimp I’ll try your technique in a few days. Thank you!!
  12. Update - looks like it a false alarm, the BTA is returning to normal. I think I over compensated and over fed the nem. The “puke” is gone and BTA is inflated! Who knew 😅 Anyone?? I have two black widow bta in the tank. Fed earlier today as I believed one of them was shedding its tentacles, now it looks like it’s puking. Should I pull this out of the tank? Any advice welcomed! I am very worried!
  13. Skeleton starting to show, thinking of moving it to a spot with slightly more light exposure....
  14. Hi! A recent new addition to my tank is an Antennata Lion Fish. He has not yet been transitioned to frozen food and I am looking for any advice on the transition, experience in how long it has taken others and / or what live foods you’d suggest in the mean time. right now the lion fish (still looking to give it a name too) is on a steady diet of ghost shrimp. I’ve tried krill and cut up sliver sides but he won’t take them yet. I do feed thawed mysis shrimp every day or other day in the tank. The lion seems interested in all the thawed food but I have yet to see him take it.
  15. A weird development if anyone is interested. at night it balloons way up and then during the day shrinks way down. Seems like it is shedding “flesh” some days.
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