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  1. Looks like the shade has helped, seems to already be bouncing back.
  2. Good to know, thank you for the feedback. Makes me feel a little better knowing there is potential for recovery!
  3. My once meaty doughnut coral had a rock fall on it, this rock had mini maxi nem that was touching the whole doughnut coral. the coral looks fleshy (and misshaped) at night but horrible during the day. I tried moving it to a more shaded spot... sounds reasonable but I’m not sure why I did that. today it looks a little browner in the center. I’ll post a picture this evening/or am if it meats back up. Does anyone have any suggestions to help it heal? Or do you think it’s done for? 😢
  4. Wow lucky you! I’ve had the orange clown with a standard bta for about a year with no success. Picked her up a little bf hoping that might encourage, no luck. Finally I picked up the widow bta from another member one here, unfortunately the widow split but they paired up a week after the split! The time from the widow in the tank to the pairing was about a month! Impressive consdiering I had to save the flurry clown from a carpet his first day in the tank 😳 I figured he’d never touch a nem again! I think the trick was printing pictures of other clowns in nems and taping them to the tank. 😆 😂
  5. A happy post of my clown fish that have finally decided to call an anemone home! IMG_2207.mov IMG_2196.mov
  6. Sorry, my phone wigged out. Couldn’t Unpaste or type in the previous comment. thanks for the advice guys. @ocboatand @dunpeal I appreciate your input. I’ll def get a generator for just in case and potential future emergency’s, luckily we weren’t hit last time by the power outage but who knows if I can count on that again. Will the corals be okay without light for the day? I run four T5s, two white bulbs and two blue. Recently I’ve been just running the two blue. Thinking of replacing the white ones with a more blue or purple since they aren’t on very often and I’m not a huge fan of the white.
  7. I live in one of the old portland houses and have to have the panel box rewired. They say the power will be off for 7hours the day it is worked on. Does anyone have an tips or suggestions for the tank? I have access to my grandfathers generator if needed, but I currently don’t have a power outage plan for the tank. Any reeefers out there who can offer some advice or products (preferably on the budget side of prices, today) would be greatly appreciated. Today is tank cleaning day, but for FYI it’s 120display and ~25-30 sump. I have snowflake eel, blue tang, 2 clowns, dotty back, chromis, two gobyos and a damsel. There are a couple hammers, lots of zoa frags, Monte, and a couple other corals (I’m new and forgot their names), also two bubble tips (one black widow and one (maybe 2 I think it split recently) Rose tip ) and a carpet.
  8. edit- just saw your reply to my other comment. Shoot me a text and we can meet up! Do you have a black widow left? Interested in that guy and checking out anything else you have left. shoot me a text and we can figure out a time to meet up, 2069400653
  9. Interested in checking out if you have anything left
  10. Saw his setup yesterday, it’s pretty cool
  11. Would like the 11, 12, LSP 4 and softie 5 if you still have. I could come by sometime today or this week. could you text/call me and we can set up the time. EDIT - Everything adjusting well especially the eel damsel and tang. Still waiting for the hammers to open but the purple one is starting to try this morning. Tanks for the new tank buds!
  12. Update: was able to get everything to work again except one outlet on the energy bar (seems weird but will play with it more after work) thank you @SuncrestReefand @obrien.david.j! Things are much better, this was making me sick this morning!
  13. I’ll try that again, that’s where I get stuck with the orange spinning circle. Do you know if it takes a little while to complete the process?
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