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  1. 40 dollars in tickets. 12 to the Nero 3 and 12 to the IceCap Gyre. I'm coming for you @Emerald525.
  2. "I'm sorry I ame to you group of fish lovers". This isn't a sushi preparation forum.... what did you expect? Your first rodeo must have been a horror show.
  3. @miketoohey I don't want to come across rude at all, but this situation is understandably frustrating from our side (the saltwater aquarist), and I hope it's frustrating on your side as well, since the life of a gorgeous wild animal is at stake. There are some holes here though that make me question this entire post. You bought an eel, and it arrived. You don't have a tank for the one you were supposed to get to live in. So, regardless, you were expecting to keep an eel in a bucket? Can you satisfy my curiosity here? I'm certain that any LFS that isn't Petco or Petsmart wi
  4. @miketoohey hey, sorry, didn't see your location. I can't make that drive. Hopefully somebody else can. Don't let that gorgeous creature die please.
  5. I can take it and keep it in a temp tank until I can find a home for it. PM me.
  6. I can take it and keep it in a temp tank until I can find a home for it. PM me.
  7. Just yank the power. There's no shutdown routine. It's all solid state, should be fine. The things carrying a lot of power are the relays and they wont mind.
  8. Super interested to see how this comes out. I've been told cerium oxide and a buffer, but that's probably what's in the compound you got.
  9. Also, I'd like to correct myself with my timings. 14 days Prazi, 30 days copper/metro/kana/furan-2. Not sure why I said 7 days... Derp moment. I linked you to the humble.fish site, I highly encourage everybody to read it and become acquainted with the lifecycle of these pathogens/parasites. Also, change the batteries in your hanna copper checker OFTEN. It will give you incorrect readings when lowish. Ask me how I know.... 🤦‍♂️
  10. I can empathize there. My last foray into this was punctuated by sadness, misinformation, and unfortunately my emotions getting the best of me. This time, I got quality stuff, spent quality time and stocking quality life. Excited to see your journey. This reminds me that I had a tank build thread I may need to spend a month updating.
  11. ... .waits for the "Ya know, on second though, I'll just risk it." post.
  12. Here's the proven setup I'm using: 20gallon aqueon tank all-glass aqueon lid with almost NO gaps cheap light on timer (12 on/12 off) hang on back filter with NO MEDIA 100w heater air stone-->airline-->air pump for extra oxygenation Random PVC elbows/tees/etc for fish "habitat" and hiding areas Seachem Ammonia Alert Badge (I use a new one every set of fish) Hanna High Range Copper checker. Worth its weight in gold if you're planning to do all of your fish this way. I DO NOT use a biological filter. I do 100% water changes every
  13. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need any help with this process. It's tricky at first until you get into a groove.
  14. Agreed. If you are worried about one post with (Sorry Bill) outdated warnings, imagine how concerned you'll be when you get ONE fish with a horrible disease that infects your whole tank. It's WAY easier to do a couple fish at a time the first time than ALL of your fish at once down the road with a higher risk of losses due to an actual tank wide infection.
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