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  1. Unfortunately, His tail got sucked into a small uv pump and did not make it. Sorry guys I really wanted him to go to a good home but wanted to fatten him up before selling. Mods, please close thread.
  2. Was getting bullied from another purple tang to where he wasn't able eat. He's been isolated in sump for a few weeks and eating very well now. All fish have been quarantined last year. Pick up in Vancouver.
  3. Still available. Would like to give away today or tomorrow. Located in Vancouver.
  4. I'll take em. I'm in Vancouver and can pick up when you're available.
  5. Have about 10 pounds of smaller dry rock. Good for refugium. Have cinnamon clown about 2-3 inches. Have a maroon clown about 2-3 inches. Big dark blue damsel about 4 inches. Free to a good home. Located in Vancouver. PM for info and when you can pick up.
  6. As stated in title, nothing super expensive just basic soft / lps corals. Frag sizes or smaller mini colonies would be ideal. PM me on what you've got. Thanks in advance JR
  7. Looking for a paired of ocellaris clownfish.
  8. Looking to buy multiple 4-6 pcs same sized preferred. 20 gallon long 40 gallon breeder Message me on what you've got. TIA!
  9. Yellow, hippo or any tangs, clownfish or any reef safe fish. Let me know what you've got. TIA
  10. Looking for large UV light to help battle ich.
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